1. In the above Deonte Banks would be the answer or even someone like Ade Ade. All depends on what they do round one. I like Forbes as well, he’s a ball hawk which is something Raiders have been missing recently.

  2. I wouldn't be mad at all about Banks or Ade Ade. Forbes' slight build scares me a little, but I'd still be okay with it.

  3. There's a right tackle out of Ohio State that might be available. Dawand Jones, I'd go that route.

  4. No denying Dawand Jones' rare massive size, I will give you that. But like Kancey and Smith, I think he is very unlikely to fall to pick 38.

  5. One question: is Ruggs and Arnett contract off the books?

  6. Yeah, because they both last played in 2021. In 2022 we ate $4.84M in dead cap for Ruggs and $3.66M in dead cap for Arnette.

  7. How are we still paying for carr? I thought we didn’t have to pay if we traded him…also he has fleeced more money out of any team than I’ve ever scene

  8. Last year we gave him a 3 year extension with a $7.5M signing bonus. Since we paid him that bonus, it counts against our cap. Being a signing bonus, it's prorated across 3 years, so it counted $2.5M against us in 2022, and the remaining $5M is dead cap for us. Even if we traded him, I believe that was going to count against us.

  9. If we took him at 38, that would be a lot earlier than people were originally expecting him to go. And in his case, I would be okay with that.

  10. Ruggs was still a reach because lamb was the obvious no Brainerd choice

  11. I had Ruggs ranked way below the other top 3, personally

  12. It's usually whatever our biggest position of need is. DT, LB, CB all strong candidates

  13. Yeah dunno what OP is thinking. Here's what it says:

  14. OP is a Chiefs fan, they did this intentionally to try and rile people up

  15. Until teams prove they can cover Kelce, it hardly matters who else they have.

  16. I wonder what the Bengals will do at RB this year. Perine left in FA and Mixon is in trouble again.

  17. Browns receiving targets looking pretty solid:

  18. Carter would self-destruct in LV. We don't need another Ruggs/Arnette. I'd like to get some help on the pass rush that has sorely needed some help over these last few years. Not that I'd be upset with Gonzalez.

  19. McClain, Arnette, Ruggs, Carter. We need to complete the Square of Distrust.

  20. Trade down. Carter seemed like the perfect player for us but with the off the field stuff and pro day, too many red flags. No way I take another 1st round DB, let alone at #7. Wilson isn't explosive enough to take top 10. I know we need defense but I hate all these options that early in the draft. Would rather try to pick up an extra 2nd rounder in a trade, that's where the value is for defensive players in this draft

  21. Bad change. The coffin corner kicks disappear when you can just aim for the 15.

  22. Almost no one attempts coffin corner punts anymore anyway.

  23. This would suck for fans planning to fly in to attend games. It's one thing to not know if the game is going to be at 1pm or on Sunday Night. It's another not to know if the game will be Thursday or Sunday.

  24. It's funny to hear people try and fail to do the Chris Berman RRRRRRRRRRRRaiders thing

  25. A nice little breakdown by Matt here. Shows some of the positives and negatives with Richardson. Richardson acknowledges he needs to work on mechanics/touch and this shows up on tape (more so on short passes). With Jimmy G on the team it would allow Richardson to sit and not get thrown in until he gets ready (if that every happens). Matt shows the issues are fixable, but as always it would be up to the team to decide if they felt they could risk it (most likely would need to trade up) knowing going in the issues that need to be worked on.

  26. Some nice clips demonstrating reads and throws, but that third clip with the avoided sack is sick. There's more to the passing game than quick reads and arm talent. If defenders get a clear shot and can't bring the quarterback down, that is very often game over for the defense. It's part of why Ben Roethlisberger made so many big plays in his career. It's part of why Patrick Mahomes makes so many big plays. Think how easily Carr went down whenever a defender got a clear shot at him, then look at how Richardson escapes from a seemingly impossible situation and ends up all alone for an easy TD throw.

  27. This is the weirdest non story that’s become a story imo.

  28. Comparing Waller to Kelce is a reach imo. Kelce does not have the injury history Waller does. Injuries and treatment of your body greatly impact how long your prime lasts.

  29. Fans overreact with recency bias when it comes to injuries. Tim Brown had a bad start to his career w.r.t injuries and ended up having a long, great, and mostly durable career. Jerry Rice tore his ACL and missed a whole season at age 35 and still played 100 games after that.

  30. Agreed he’ll go in the 1st. Even if that reason is just simply for the 5th year option.

  31. I don't think teams care about that so much anymore. The Giants declined Daniel Jones' 5th year option before he finally convinced them to keep him (much like us with Jacobs).

  32. The giants GM, Schoen, said “if I thought I was going to be here a year ago I would have done the fifth-year option”

  33. You don't win by paying big bucks to FA receivers

  34. hes not a FA, he would need to be traded from the Cards, expected to be a 5th + 6th or 7th. similar to the deal for cooks

  35. Perhaps The Guardian should stick to English football

  36. "Listen, I know what people say about me. I try to avoid reading those things but they tend to fall through the cracks. I try to keep my private life as private as possible but people..."

  37. Is it true that The Weeknd's Blinding Lights was actually about Jimmy G's sex addiction?

  38. Just another way players get more bang for their buck in Nevada!

  39. Well the Raiders probably shouldn’t have signed Jimmy G if they wanted to trade with the Texans. Houston was the other team pursuing him and maybe they would have been convinced to wait on a QB if Jimmy G was their starting QB.

  40. The Raiders were trying to trade up to #1, but then the Panthers did, after that they signed Garoppolo. I can't see the Raiders trading to #2.

  41. McDaniels has several times commented that height isn't important at the QB position anymore. Young is his guy.

  42. Wife: Why are you watching football? It's not even football season!

  43. I don' t think Rich Gannon is going to catch Shawn Springs!

  44. Hooper's biggest strength is potentially his least talked about and something we desperately need - blocking.

  45. I don't know about that. PFF graded him 74.6 for receiving and 46.7 for run blocking.

  46. The more I think about Washington in our offense, the more I like it. TE is a slow-developing position but he's ready for the blocking duties right away, a good fit with Howard and Hooper not being very good as run blockers.

  47. If we also added Zach Kuntz with one of our many late-round picks, that dude is about as close to Waller physically as you are going to find.

  48. I guess the 13 year old article was the oldest he could find.

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