1. Taking pictures of women without their knowledge is a weird choice but glad you're having a good time

  2. It's anonymous and can't see her face, you can't see anything other than her back, it's blurred, it's a public place, the photo is about my work set up, and it's probably weirder turning this into a sexualisation thing when clearly it's not

  3. Not as good as Kazakhstan (it was amazing and everywhere in Almaty) but it's doing the job at my hostel

  4. Probably Lesotho. I was pretty young but definitely wasn't geared up for tourists.

  5. I was going to say computer science too. Business will help too for more management roles down the line.

  6. As a guy, I'm going through this exact dilemma right now 😅 want to trim but staying in hostels and stuff. It's not like I can power on manscaping clippers in the middle of the shared bathroom.

  7. You can do your own outreach on platforms like LinkedIn. Platforms won't be taking 20-30% that way too. Depending how much you make, you can also try hiring a lead gen agency.

  8. My dad was bitten by a stray dog in Vietnam in 2019 when living out there. Nasty experience. He had to have rabies vaccines and daily injections into his stomach but he was absolutely fine. It's quite a common thing in that part of the world so listen to doctors, take your medicine and you'll be fine.

  9. Spanish and English people butt heads over Gibraltar but they're fine giving us Benidorm 🤣

  10. I'm planning on visiting for a month but but what is there to do there outside of sightseeing the architecture and nature? Like are you able to meet a lot of the locals and hang out and have a good time? That's my main reason for wanting to go. What do you think?

  11. It's really easy to meet people! Everyone here has been so friendly and welcoming. There's a few bars geared up for English speakers and everyone chats with everyone in bars and stuff.

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