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  1. Still didn’t fix the calendar light issue or after changing the color of your sims phone and anytime they travel afterwards, they go ahead and change it again🙃

  2. While driving the Fire Truck and the Police Car, you can click on the vehicle and turn on the lights and siren too.

  3. No way, I’ve been playing this game for years and I never knew that

  4. When I worked at Dunkin’ this older lady always got a large hot coffee with 10 cream and sugar with blueberry flavor, it was a pain in the ass pushing the button 10 times so I can’t even imagine pressing it 24 times💀

  5. When are you pressing a button 10 times??? The most for 10 and 10 is twice for cream and twice for sugar 😳

  6. At my work you had to press the button for how many things of sugar/cream they wanted😅 it was so annoying lmao

  7. What’s even your problem, dude? Hating on them for no reason 💀

  8. They are attacking me for them being a bad driver. We been doing this for 4 years now. My bf is a really safe driver. I probably would be distracted but not him.

  9. Omg I didn’t mean to reply to you! I was responding to the other dude, he’s being rude for no reason

  10. No need to come off as rude. They’re just wondering if it’s a good enough pack to buy.

  11. is not a mod is a trait if you have MCC you can Shift-Right-Click on your sims and you will open and menu that says ; Sims info and if you click on it you will have deeper menu and you can add traits on your sim skills and manny more

  12. Omg I need to know what packs/cc you use, I’m in love with this room

  13. Yes, I use them and it’s perfectly safe as long as you get them off of the actual website

  14. Look at that massive fucking head. Have you ever seen a person before?

  15. No need to be rude. They’re probably new at drawing. They obviously aren’t going for realism. How would you like it if you did something for the first time and someone told you that you were shitty at it?

  16. Hey, thanks so much! But they still won't play for me unfortunately.

  17. Hey! So I signed up for Spotify, but sadly the episodes won't play for me.

  18. I made a public playlist on my account, you might be able to view it there! There’s only two episodes though

  19. Pretty! I’m definitely going to have to download it once I get the packs needed for it😄

  20. i love absolutely everything by lamatisse. i use all her skin overlays and I use her "mercuria skin" as my default

  21. I actually downloaded all Sims 3 games in torrent haha

  22. not sure how to do that for the sims 3 and I’m asking a question, but I don’t want to get flagged, so that’s why it’s worded so weird, can you pm instructions possibly?

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