1. Talk to your priest. Depending on the severity of the activity his advice could range from “say these prayers” to setting you up with the diocese exorcist. I was wondering, when did you start discerning entering RCIA and did that coincide with the activity beginning at all? I have heard of external spiritual attacks worsening when people are about to undergo something good. Don’t let it dissuade you. God is stronger.

  2. Well, I was an Atheist for about 11 years, then something happened and I turned my life back to God. It was probably a month or two after that when we moved that things started happening. They come and go. It’s not constant. My wife and I (at the time, my fiancé) started going to a Pentecostal church for a while and ended up leaving that church because of a range of different factors. We, more recently, decided to undergo RCIA and attend Mass more regularly. Becoming Catholic has always been in the back of my head though, because my Dad’s (step dad technically) of the family is all Catholic. They’re 1st Gen Italian is that tells you anything.

  3. Interesting! It sounds like you’ve had a long and winding spiritual journey so far, so welcome home to the Catholic Church! I’ll pray for you! Maybe the presence in your apartment was already there and is stirred up in anger at your conversion, or maybe it would have happened anyway. Who knows. Just keep praying.

  4. When you walk in with a child and the usher automatically points you to the cry room (whether or not there’s even any crying happening). I sometimes side eye the mere existence of a cry room, but I admit I’ve used them.

  5. Not sure exactly what you’re looking for, but if you’re wanting the story of Judeo Christian salvation history told in a linear way, I suggest a kid book called The Great Adventure Storybook. There’s an adult version but it’s more of a study than a book you can read straight through.

  6. Thank you, these tips are very useful! It never hurts for me to remember that reminder that other things are happening while the music is playing, too.

  7. I like the patterns in the book Gertie Sews Jiffy Dresses. They are pretty much arranged in order of difficulty and I’d say all of them are wearable and not sacks. But word of caution: they are all drafted pretty generously in the bust so will need a good amount of adjustment if that isn’t you.

  8. Any love for The Power of One on here? Have read and listened to it and nothing really moves me like Peekay’s story.

  9. I loved The Power of One! (But I did not love the sequel and had to stop.)

  10. Does sewing heavily starched fabric gum up your machine at all? I’ve been wanting to try it but am nervous about that.

  11. It should have no effect on your sewing machine. It doesn't flake off or anything. I starch it until it is slightly firm (no wiggle) but not like cardboard.

  12. These Is My Words by Nancy E. Turner is set in the 1800’s American West and features a strong female protagonist.

  13. Don’t they also have Snowflake Day instead of Christmas? And my personal favorite, Neighbor Day replaces the not-at-all-related-but-rhyming Labor Day. The Land of Make Believe is a godless land.

  14. Dress up Day instead of Halloween was so cute. I loved the stickers they got.

  15. Was candy not allowed? I don’t remember this episode but it does seem like they would ban candy in this sanitized land. I like stickers. But I also like candy.

  16. Accessories like little zipper pouches, bookmarks, headbands, or glasses cases would be my suggestions!

  17. They enrolled students, took their money, and then said, "Oh, we're moving the campus to Florida." Moved the library and other resources that the students no longer had access to.

  18. I had a friend who was a student there and greatly inconvenienced by this!

  19. A non-verbal boy and his friends live in a vast void with an omniscient narrator commenting on their daily lives.

  20. Is it okay to kill all the homeless population? No? Then why haven’t you let all the homeless come live at your house?

  21. I just want to applaud your correct use of the word “regimen” instead of the often misused “regime”! Happy birthday!

  22. I don’t have anything to add that hasn’t been said, but I will keep you in my prayers. Thank you for being courageous in sharing your journey so far!

  23. A sturdy Dopp kit/ travel bag/ toiletry bag that can hang from a doorknob. He will likely be traveling in the next few years and will get a lot of use out of it. My dad gave me a really nice one and I use it at home as well since it keeps everything organized and easy to put away.

  24. I second this! I have a travel toiletry bag from LL Bean that I’ve been using for 18 years.

  25. This reads like a scene from Sound of Music when Maria makes clothes out of the draperies. Meghan could never.

  26. He worked really hard on that cheerio necklace in Spare Prince Class!

  27. Yes 30 families helped is PTA level gifting. Actually the PTA would probably have done more than this. Really upsetting contribution from these so-called philanthropists. :(

  28. THIS! My kids’ school actually DID help 30 families this year! And this is help being given from a community that’s solidly middle class. As in, nobody who donated has hundreds of millions of dollars in media deals. I mean, I’m glad someone is being helped, but this is not the level of giving I’d expect from a “foundation” that’s supposed to be as wealthy and connected as Archewell.

  29. I initially thought someone was doing a handstand behind your radiator with their feet up in the air.

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