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  1. This is the face of happiness, the face of living without Russia. That's what Ukraine is fighting for! Слава 🇺🇦!

  2. Nothing ever changes with Russia. It's the same attrocities, different time.

  3. Слава Україні, слава Нації! 🇺🇦 І... пиздец російскій федерації! 😄

  4. Russia is going to be a crazy place after this is over. I wanted to visit the vast Russian lands, that opportunity is over. Russia is going to turn to a hell hole after this

  5. I wanted to visit too, when Russia was still pretending to be normal, it was on my bucket list. Now? No way!

  6. Don't worry, Ru mothers! Your boys are just taking a nap, nothing to see here, totally not the fault of your God and Saviour, Mr. Putin... ;)

  7. Babusya not babushka. You have my upvote.

  8. Base is baba, babusya/babcia variants are softer forms. English doesn’t have those afaik(

  9. I saw a SQ guide for Chiara and Merula, and answers for Talbott and Barnaby, but I don't have anything for other characters. Have all the dating SQ been released yet?

  10. And Russians think that they can break Ukrainians' spirit... excuse me, but no. Source: just look above.

  11. Give them the big toys! Its just fair that they get the chance to test the russian energy grid.

  12. Giving Ukraine weapons is a win-win situation. Ukrainian troops really showed that they put the military aid to good use, often in creative ways. Countries giving the weapons get to observe how those weapons work on the field and get data and stats about their usage. As a bonus, Russia gets weakened. What's not to like? ;)

  13. The only way to stop this is very long range cruise missiles to sink the BSF and bomb the aircraft hangars within Russia, destroying their ability to launch missiles at Ukraine.

  14. NATO sadly doesn't realize that they look meek. Pulling stunts like "we don't want to anger/ humiliate Putin" and withholding military aid delivery only makes things worse. When they wake up, it may be a tad bit too late

  15. Yet another terrorist deed by the Russian Federation. No one is surprised anymore. The Russians can't sink much lower when it comes to morality.

  16. 2 days old baby = already a Nazi, terrorist, satanist and a threat to Ruski Mir

  17. Google "maczanka krakowska", go to images and simply pick the one that appeals the most to you, like this:

  18. So they are pushing for a price cap that is already coming into effect?

  19. I think that it doesn't really matter if this is state TV or something, just consider that they dare to to say this openly. State TV? Nice. Independent TV? Also nice!

  20. Okay, I know what you mean. TVP and all that. However, if even for the sake of all the foreigners here and the topic not being Polish TV and politics, I'd like for this post to not come down to Pl usual sh*tthrowing about politics.

  21. Perhaps Ukraine and Poland should have a joint exercises for a few months in the Volyn, Rivne, Zhytomyr, Kyiv and Chernihiv regions.

  22. We should but ah... "World War III nobody wants to see"! As Pl is NATO and Ru is veeery paranoid about it.

  23. I wonder what do they do with all those mines they find, I hope they put them to better use. Would be interesting to see if they can all be shipped to Crimea ;)

  24. My problem with this is 1. The guys to the far left of the asshole Russian that starts firing are not in the line of fire, yet they’re dead. 2. All of these Russians are unarmed, otherwise info would’ve come out by now saying they were armed. 3. The video ends as it does. There’s no other video? No audio from the camera that was rolling?

  25. The Russian troops on the ground are not dead, you can see them lying down, raising their hands and moving. The video also has audio.

  26. This is war, and I don’t blame the Ukrainians one bit. I feel bad for the Russian’s though who did surrender. (I did not see any footage of them dead though). In the US cops shoot you for less than charging them with a rifle.

  27. Here is the full batch: the whole video, the slowed down part, the aftermath from above.

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