1. Looks great! How's the cooling on your GPU? The Nzxt is very tempting!

  2. The key is that you upgrade the GPU but not the cooling. I had this on a GTX1080 before and now is used in a 3060Ti at zero cost. The cooling is good, specially with the crap cooler this GPU had (I knew I could buy a lower end model as I was watercooling it).

  3. Congrats! This is one of the best P200A builds on here.

  4. Thanks! Yeah, the first time I saw this case, I knew it was perfect for me. I previously had this in a Corsair Obsidian 750D, just imagine the size difference.

  5. An interesting observation here, the 7600X and 7800X have the same amount of improvement in both ST and MT (about 27% in R23), as you would expect from the core count remaining the same. But while the 7900X and 7950X have similar ST improvements they are 35% and 42% faster in MT, respectively. If it wasn't already obvious to anyone who turned on PBO with a 5900X or 5950X, this would demonstrate how power starved the top-end AM4 CPUs were, and why AMD increased the socket power limit this time around.

  6. Maybe the reduced IO die power consumption is at play here too.

  7. In terms of 12900K vs 5950X, the efficiency war was won by default on the node process, since Intel still uses effectively 10nm despite calling it Intel 7, AMD is already on 5nm and maybe even a (TSMC 7nm) 3950X would win in efficiency all things equal (can't be bothered to find a source though).

  8. Zen 3 still uses TSMC N7, not N5 (and GloFo 12nm for the IO die). Zen 4 will be the first one using TSMC N5 for the cores.

  9. Quite useless when the ISP didn't even distribute Wifi 6 Router 🤣

  10. You can upgrade your internal network beyond what your ISP gives you. I updated from 5 to 6 (normal, not 6E). Very happy with the speed, coverage increase and Wifi Mesh support.

  11. Watch how they restrict this feature to the Ultra...

  12. Let's hope for a new Nvidia Shield with Ampere NVDEC. VP9-2 and AV1 decode and the upgraded ARM cores would be so sweet...

  13. What kind of performance uplift would that indicate?

  14. ~3x single core uplift. From A57 to A78. I guess up to ~6x multicore since is double of cores, but we have to take in mind power consumption limits so maybe lower. GPU should be ~2.75x jumping from Maxwell to Ampere with the same configuration (256 FP32 cores, 512 in Ampere due to arch configuration). Also, not taking into account the power limits.

  15. Better yields overcome the packaging costs. Price will be defined by performance, not production costs. Savings will be used to increase margins, not to offer a cheaper product.

  16. Before anyone asks, this still doesn't have hardware tone mapping transcoding working on intel.

  17. Oh, I though it was something wrong on my side. It is in every supported quicksync device or only the newer ones?

  18. Every. It's been broken since 1.28.1 I think. There was a dev version that fixed it I guess they didn't bother to merge it into the beta.

  19. Perfect, not my fault then. I though it was my local install with the dependencies and I migrated to docker last week and still the same. I guess it is better to know that it is not me.

  20. Nope, first Intel chips with DDR4 support were the Broadwell prosumer chips on the 2011-3 socket. It was a big deal when Skylake was announced to have DDR4 support.

  21. Haswell-E, mid-2014. Broadwell-E was around 2 years later, even after Skylake launch.

  22. TBF it's getting mainstream way sooner than DDR4 once was.

  23. DDR4 started with a HEDT platform (Haswell-E), so by the time Skylake hit, DDR4 was already 1.5 years old. DDR5 started with a mainstream platform from the start (altough with limited support compared to Skylake back then)

  24. For Prema, I expect Leclerc and Crawford to graduate to F2, and Aron and Beganovic to take their places.

  25. True. Although Nvidia slashing the prices of high-end Amperes should be a good indicator of what to expect.

  26. That would be a very underwhelming performance jump. 3060Ti is ~90% of 3070's performance. 3070Ti is only 5% faster than regular 3070. 3080 is only ~37.5% ahead of 3060Ti, that should be the absolute MINIMUM expected and if it is only that I would be disappointed.

  27. Because Samsung is a HUGE company, its Divisions essentially act as independent companies

  28. If DX can drop Exynos, S.LSI should also be able to drop Samsung Foundry. That would solve most Exynos problems, IMO.

  29. That's the problem, the lack of flexibility that they have. Even in the same "company" if one department wrongdoing (Foundry) is making the other department sink (S.LSI), they should let the bad one sink and the other be saved.

  30. The other way around. 11% slower at 900p and 7% slower at 1080p.

  31. The translation is a bit misleading. He talks about the market, how there are players that he don't want, players that he wants them to stay (Pino) but MAYBE they receive an offer. Also says that if some players go out, they will replace it, either by academy or purchasing.

  32. I don't think AMD plans on getting into this market, but even Nvidia hasn't updated the Shield hardware in quite a while. Software is still updated though.

  33. They only ported the SoC from 28nm to 16nm. VP9-2 and AV1 support would be nice, it's what is preventing me from purchase.

  34. Just a small note on the long contract of Ocon. I wouldn't rule out that Alpine did that for the advertising of the brand rather than the skills of Ocon.

  35. You can extend Ocon's contract further down the line or explore other options like Gasly, Pourchair, Martins, etc...

  36. I don't know about the accounting software, but for the file server is more than enough.

  37. I think we’ll be seeing Piastri at Mclaren, Sargeant at Williams and maybe Drugovich at Aston next year

  38. I am starting to see that Pourchaire is gonna have a nearly impossible option to be in F1, seeing as this year will not win.

  39. If we get him on a free paying that wage is worth it. Costs less over the full length of the contract.

  40. Pay a fee to the player and a reasonable salary. 300k per week is equal as 39M upfront and 150k per week in a 5 year contract. Also, the reported figures I guess are in euros.

  41. Will any consumer GPUs start using HBM3? or is it only for server GPU's.

  42. I guess not as GDDR is cheaper and can provide enough bandwidth. I can only see it implemented if some vendor can't get newer revisions of GDDR or if GDDR hits a wall in terms of bandwidth.

  43. Have a major software update every fall, with five years of major OS updates.

  44. About the Youtube thing, you can also do it in the GW4. It has an inbuilt browser and one of the things that I try was YT.

  45. Hello. I have a keyboard with Outemu Browns and the spring makes noise, otherwise I was satisfied. I like the pre-travel before the bump and the 'tactility' of the bump. What cheap and good switch can I use? Some that I saw: Akko Lavenders have no pre-travel, Box Royals will become clicky, Gateron Brown will have less tactility than Outemu Browns and Outemu Pandas (that I actually test) has little tactility to me.

  46. shrink from N5 to N4 with a 5% bump to CPU performance (could mean ST as only the X2's freq is specified @~1.05×) and 10% bump to GPU performance.

  47. The Dymensity 9000 was already at TSMC N4. This seems to be just an overall overclock as a response to the 8+G1.

  48. Does the 8+ have bigger cache to match the Dimensity 9000, too?

  49. I think not, it is a direct foundry port and only changes the clock speeds in the spec sheet.

  50. Yeah, but imagine how AMD would have fared if Intel hadn’t been sleeping at the wheel. Skylake launched in 2015 on the 14nm process from 2014. The subsequent 7th generation should have been the shift of Skylake to the 10nm architecture, followed up by a new architecture for 8th gen, and that architectures die shrink to 7nm for 9th gen. That is basically describing Alder Lake - an architecture that substantially improves from Skylake, on two process nodes smaller.

  51. Zen 1 is early 2017. If we go with the usual tick-tock that Intel used, it would go against Skylake in 10nm. Late-2017 Intel would release Ice Lake (Sunny Cove) and late-2019 we would have Alder Lake (Golden Cove), I guess.

  52. In the mid-2010's, AMD sold their headquarters building to a bank to lease it, because they needed that lump of cash ASAP.

  53. Personally, I can go to work out without the phone in the pocket and still receive notifications and listen to Spotify.

  54. I have Surface Laptop Go, I must say that 12.4inch screen is great. 1.1KG, that's nothing. If they can price it 699$, like the 8/128GB version of Surface Laptop Go... And put MacOS on it then i will replace it.

  55. I don't see them pricing something that low. Even the Air now is pricier.

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