1. Started and ran fine, parked it for 4 hours and now it wont crank or start. Car has good power and battery seems to be fine but when I go to crank it just makes a loud click. Anyone else had a problem like this/solution?

  2. What did you use to determine “has good power and battery seems fine”?

  3. I’m not a huge fan of the grey buttons for the option from crutchfield and was hoping there was another way! Thank you.

  4. Buy the JDM part. The Skyline had a double DIN option from the factory. They might still be out there.

  5. Stopping sales of new guns would be a start. Things wear out eventually

  6. I’ve personally shot a model 1911 pistol that is over 100 years old. Shoots as good or better than new ones.

  7. Yeah but what percentage of 100 year old guns are still operable? I’m guessing a lot fewer than guns manufactured in the last year

  8. As long as they aren’t treated like absolute hell, most should last until the wood rots away.

  9. Parking Lot Test. If it ain’t busy during peak hours, keep driving.

  10. No. Being mentally ill is completely relevant. Pretending it doesn't matter is ridiculous.

  11. Dead on arrival unless they have enough votes to override a veto.

  12. Not for sale in my area, hell my time zone almost. I looked, a lot.

  13. Absolutely Imelda Staunton as Umbridge. She was so delightfully talented at playing a pure evil character that no one could ever come close to replacing her. I have to remind myself sometimes that the actress and that specific character are (hopefully) not the same person

  14. I absolutely hate her in the movies. She absolutely nailed that roll.

  15. Alan Rickman as Dr. Lazarus from Galaxy Quest.

  16. I have an average middle class house that has mostly gas appliances. In winter months my electric bill drops WAY down in that range. In the summer though, the two AC units just hulk-smash my meter.

  17. We need to make it illegal to kill people so this stops happening.

  18. Pork Tenderloin. Goes on sale for around $3/lb for the 2-pack. Cut the silverskin off, season, 140 for 2 hrs and a solid sear. Slice into medallions and serve in a simple pan sauce to keep it warm.

  19. This is probably the single most improved dish by going SV. Pork is so easy to dry out but oh so good when done right.

  20. …oh, dear God, she’s getting woozy. Quickly, show her the bloody side.

  21. Was the TB all gunked up? If so, the gunk was restricting airflow at idle.

  22. There’s also no scientific study proving parachutes save lives. Seems the control group is hard to assemble.

  23. My dad speaks highly of his M&P22. He did a defense handgun course with it.

  24. I think I gave my niece this same card, for her 15th.

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