1. Molds don't last forever - I'll usually get about 25-30 casts out of a mold before scratches and raised faces start to become a problem. You can definitely delay it by treating your mold with extreme care, but it is eventually going to happen.

  2. Thank you, I'm glad to know it's just something that'll happen over time and not me destroying my mold because I'm doing something wrong

  3. It is eventual no matter what. But I will say if these are just for personal use, try making molds out of whatever dice you have. It's good practice for when you do get your masters. You can even make molds of other knick knacks you have just to practice making molds.

  4. Thanks! I'll definitely mess around with making molds of other stuff, that sounds like a fun way to build my skills

  5. Pouring a little bit of resin on the lid of the mould on top of the numbers and popping any bubbles you see there as well as slightly overfilling the bottom of the mould helps. It'll prevent large voids at the top. If you add a little bit of resin to the mould and spread it around the nooks and crannies of the mould it helps stop air from getting trapped there in the first place.i use a very small silicone spatula for this and gently prod the resin into all the corners and around the numbers. Pouring high and slow helps pop bubbles as well, I'll usually pour that way into a smaller container first to verify I've gotten all the big bubbles out before using the same method to pour into the mould. Making more opaque dice also helps with how they look because you won't be able to see all the bubbles inside the dice and once you patch the surface holes with uv resin it'll look great :) Best of luck to you!

  6. A customer reached over the counter to wash their hands in the bar sink with the little push tap we use for spoons. When I told them they couldn't do that they got mad and asked me where else they were supposed to wash their hands. Idk man, one of our three bathrooms maybe?

  7. I started doing yoga focused on my back a couple of times a week and I've found that over time my back pain has gone away. Nothing super intense, just a 15 minute routine I found on YouTube. Still flares up every now and again but not as bad as it used to be. I really hope you're able to find a solution for your pain ♡

  8. That's super cool! I hope it works well for you, what a spectacular find! Might be heading to michaels soon lol

  9. If nothing is as good as the actual refresher base for you, you can order a refresher with no water, no berries, and no ice! You'll get a big cup of the refresher base by itself to put in the fridge that you can can cut it with coconut milk at home, you'll get multiple drinks out of it for a lower price overall!

  10. There was a weekly update a while back saying that shaken espresso drinks should be filled to the top, even if they're light ice

  11. My manager got books full of riddles and would you rather type questions which we pull from for our question of the day!

  12. You could do a pin stitch and then tuck the tail underneath the pin stitch, there's a tutorial here!

  13. I was poking around in my app a while back and I think if you look in customization for cup size the default option is "none" so they might think they don't get a cup otherwise or something idk

  14. is the iced shaken espresso shaken all together or is the espresso shaken individually first like the double shot?

  15. The recipe is pretty much the same but the shaken espresso is much more popular than the double shot was and everyone prefers it with light ice which has lead to partners making it that way by default. I've started ordering mine with light milk just so I stop getting an iced latte when I order it because it's easy to milky otherwise imo

  16. Peglin is like a peggle/sts combo that I've been loving lately if that interests you at all!

  17. You might have some luck asking for a blonde iced oat latte with an extra shot, brown sugar syrup, and cinnamon!

  18. Try its free and super intuitive!

  19. Standards don't follow at a 1:1 from country to country, yall don't have americano mistos in the states but that doesn't mean they're not a core menu item in Canada. Short flat whites could very well be it in a different market.

  20. We do actually have Americano Mistos! They're just not as popular

  21. Oh wild! I'd seen on here a few times that you only have cafe mistos or americanos, no americano mistos. Little tragic that they're underappreciated, they're pretty good!

  22. If the store you normally visit has the mastrena 2 they can pull a single shot of half caf. Doesn't hurt to ask. A short latte would also have one shot in it though, and if you wanted to cut down on how much milk was in your iced latte you could order a tall iced latte with extra ice.

  23. If you're fine with English breakfast instead of earl grey you can order an iced black tea with milk instead of water and vanilla syrup, it'll be pretty close and you won't have to wait for anything

  24. I'm honestly thriving, I've been a partner for abt four years now and right now it's the probably the best things have ever been for me. Nobody at my store is hurting for hours, my manager either schedules us enough people or schedules too many (and I'll take overstaffed over understaffed any day), our store has been doing a great job growing sales and cutting down on food waste, our CC score and team morale are high, things are just good right now! Obviously things aren't perfect and I'm not a huge fan of Everything that's going on but like. For my store at least, it's been really good lately.

  25. I have an art portfolio that I hadn't really used since high school that I've started adding my completed works to, I figure if it's designed to hold and preserve other works of art it should be okay for my stitching

  26. 3.5 year ssv and my right pocket usually has a blue sharpie, a black sharpie, a sharpie pen, a regular pen, and a box cutter. My left pocket is empty unless I have the keys.

  27. Something that might help is to sit down with your manager and set a concrete timeline as well as a PDP. Ask her what she wants to see from you and get specific and clearly attainable/measurable goals from her. If you feel ready, tell her you want to set a date to interview for the position. If there's not enough room at your store for another ssv and you want to stay at your store as a barista until you can promote there, tell her you want to go through interviews early so you can be approved for the position and step into your role the second she needs you.

  28. This site that has a bunch of vintage patterns if that interests you at all!

  29. If it's the bar tray that's smelly, unscrew it and take the metal and plastic layers apart from each other. There's likely gonna be rotten milk between the two pieces and it's gonna be a real bad time to clean :/

  30. this is definitely a canadian thing. if someone orders extra drizzle, 99% of my partners will just put extra on the top. we only put it in the cup if we see "cali" on the sticker. someone even asked us how to order it mobile and we told him to put "cali" in his name lol.

  31. Not a Canadian thing, not a single person at any store I've worked at would have any idea what cali style is. In my district we call it caramel walls.

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