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  1. Except for the one "poor kid" in the group, usually shown with ill-fitting/worn clothes.

  2. Honest to God, you can eat at a large majority of sit down restaurants, be served, receive refills and even pay the tip, all for less than it costs to eat at Panera.

  3. Your charger lost 1 of its 5 lives, only but 4 remain. Use them wisely.

  4. You joke but this happened to my charger and now only part of the T lights up.

  5. this is the kind of original content I'm looking for. reminds me of the internet back in the early 2000's

  6. Not a suggestion, but this is a quality list of places I've never heard of. Good showing

  7. Hello! I’ve installed hundreds of granite countertops (granted it’s been a couple years since then). It was normal to scribe the drywall in this manner, as it’s near impossible to get a mm accurate measurement on walls. HOWEVER - they did a shit job cutting the drywall.

  8. This is the real answer. To everyone saying they'd be pissed, 90% of the time you never would have noticed anyway.

  9. You're completely correct. I was focused on the supernatural when I wrote that.

  10. Really? I just bought one at the store like 4 days ago for $7 and it was 100% a Del Monte Pinkglow Pineapple.

  11. I checked because of this comment, and my local grocery store dropped it down to $5.98

  12. The degradation and defunding of education is not accidental. They know exactly what they’re doing. Educated people ask questions, demand more and generally do not fall in line as easily. If you establish rhetoric of hating the educated is also makes them easier to dismiss. They also tend to vote moderate to liberal.

  13. Anyone remember the scene in Idiocracy where they kept calling the smart guy "queer", etc, because he sounded smarter than them?

  14. alcohol all tastes bad, not sure how anyone can enjoy the taste

  15. Most alcohol tastes like burning to me. I had a bender and felt sick after a couple of beers. A friend showed up with Captain and I had never had it before. He was drinking it straight from the bottle. One swig cleared up whatever urge I had to throw up. Not sure why.

  16. Do people actually like lobster or do they just like butter?

  17. My P6P also overheated. I sent it in for RMA. Replacement seems to be fine but it will shut off if it's left in the sun for too long.

  18. If it makes you feel any better, she's married into the LaRosa's clan.

  19. Sounds like the average IT group to me. One person doing the work, the rest positing to Reddit about how smart they are and everyone is stupid.

  20. Pretty much, was going to post the same. I've noticed an increasing trend where people, especially in support roles, can't be bothered to look up the answer.

  21. Best advice I can give is get there early. There will be tons of parking and shuttles all around so you don't really have to worry about that but the later you are, the further away you'll be. Gavin Degraw (not familiar with) and Blessed Union of Souls are playing and that will start around 6 if that helps with your planning at all! The area itself is just a big field basically so you won't have to worry about seating but people will be there early laying out blankets and chairs if you want a specific spot. If you're just looking to take it in, show up at 5, park near the exit of your lot so you can get out first, and just wonder around enjoying it!

  22. Like between 11-1p early, if you hope to have a decent spot.

  23. I have that fan, in a different color. Honestly it pushes more air than a larger fan, at least for the space. Plus it's funny to look at.

  24. Thanks everyone. Went to party source. Got Oak Eye, Karriken, Boone County, North Side and of course New Rift

  25. Newberrys is the largest bourbon selection in the world and has many that arent normally distributed.

  26. like literally from Cinci area. this is a gift for my brother-in-law. he's likely already tasted or owns/ed the top labels, so i thought maybe a taste of Cincinnati would be cool.

  27. Wait, do past live-in girlfriends count as roommates, cause if so, I'm pretty sure I'd rather live in a box.

  28. It does alert you about that. I received one about a year ago. Not sure why you didn't get one.

  29. I also got it this time last year. "Something's wrong, contact a tech"... Turns out my AC failed. That was a fun 6 weeks trying to get that fixed.

  30. I follow Foolproof Baking’s method. Feeding 1:1:1 twice a day. It peaks and starts to fall before I get to the next feed, but not super runny or super sour. It smells like cider.

  31. Maybe you're not feeding it enough? I use 50g starter, 50g unbleached, 50g rye, ~100g water, depending on how dry it looks.

  32. Geez n oone even knows the owner and are just prying into their life like they're experts.

  33. Posts video of private life on the internet... Wonders why people are being judgemental.

  34. When I was young, watching scary/horror movies was my favorite thing to do. Nightmare on Elm street, Friday the 13th... If it was marketed as horror, I wanted to see if.

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