1. Congratulations on hitting 90+ days , you're living example that if we determine ourselves to something then anything becomes possible. Lets goo

  2. 8 days i a lot! You're on the right path, good luck my friend and stay strong

  3. I wish I forgot everything about stuttering john to discover it all again for the first time.. what a fascinating creature

  4. Yes definitely all sold out - the website is clearly not up to date and the fact that I can add 40 tickets to my cart and check out can only be a bug.

  5. Nope. Division 3 usually and around 11 champs wins a weekend. I only use him.

  6. You stuck in division with this much goals?

  7. At this rate he's getting killed by Roma fans next week lmao

  8. Except a well run Juve would always be the choice over those teams. Ajax now can get much better players, even choosing us over PL teams, then 10 years ago.

  9. Shut up what well run? How do you run a club to compete with PL money? By doing plusvalenza (still not illegal by any rule in Italy) yeah they fuck you for that. European football is a joke right now.

  10. Why do people film themselves doing this stuff lol

  11. Makes me happy ๐Ÿ˜‚ you're weak if it bothers you

  12. only thing that bothers me is that brainlets like you exist

  13. Cannot imagine the depression of being a Juve fan this season. Let alone the dire Allegriball ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

  14. We can stop playing for a century and have more titles than you ๐Ÿ˜‚

  15. At least ours aren't won by paying off referees ๐Ÿ˜…

  16. One of the best strikers of his era and injured his ACL before 2002 world cup when he was at his peak. Federico will have a hard time matching those numbers.

  17. He already did the ACL part so I'm confident

  18. He's a good player, shame Conte doesn't ever play him

  19. Really? He's been piss poor every time he's played and that's why he doesn't play LOL

  20. True, they're downvoting you and probably haven't watched him

  21. He's been poor every time I've seen him play

  22. No better feeling than aching muscles after a workout. Wait till you see the results start to come in! Good work man proud of you fr ๐Ÿ™

  23. Thank you man I'm starting to feel really good! Will also have my first date in a long time this week :) time to live again

  24. Issue is unless the experience is in a MASSIVE amount like Cyberpunk 2077 Sony has no incentive to do so.

  25. I'm not talking about incentive.. just common sense, game looks like a ps1 game in some areas, it's shocking. They even acknowledge it

  26. Game-breaking bugs are affecting a small percent of players, and they'll be patched very soon. The game just released and the developers are on weekend.

  27. Those persons should get a refund. You don't agree with that? You mean it's ok now to sell a broken game? Even if it's broken for one person, that person should get a refund

  28. How do they not see this bug before game release, I can't fathom

  29. I'm asking for a refund right now from sony support

  30. Why did that PS5 problem go from red to orange?? You fixed something?

  31. What's the bet some fucking idiots are going to start a fan page of him

  32. The post doesnโ€™t state this, but one of victims was thirteen years old. She was diagnosed with PTSD and she committed suicide before the case went to trial so her accusations werenโ€™t part of the sentencing. Her mom said she hadnโ€™t even had her first kiss.

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