1. so why cant you use armoury? doesnt it have a built in section for this?

  2. What color is the Hydro XD5? And willing to separate?

  3. Man how did someone break out a 12k plus though?! Whew.

  4. cant tell if this is a joke but either way youre a funny man

  5. man did an olli then looked around like he committed an act of terrorism

  6. Tucson is about 30mins from the Mexico border. You can walk across and buy whatever you want at the pharmacy. Otherwise good lean in the US is mad expensive.

  7. have you turned on the panel overdrive in armoury or disable cpu boost in regedit?

  8. By the way I don’t have a penis I’m a woman and I have a new pen bye

  9. Nope, that's also why I didn't even bother with ETH, switched to ETC for now

  10. is etc worth mining? and how do you even cash out ?

  11. I don't know, I would just find stuff from reputable seller with lots of reviews.

  12. so my MX-4 from 2019 should be able to work efficiently to this day? also what if i used it to repaste my gpu? would it be any different

  13. Turning off the turbo boost helps. It is generally not necessary just generates excess heat.

  14. I also forgot this is the G14 subredit, since I use to have a g14. I am actually uncertain if my link will work on a g14 without hitting the lid. Works perfectly for the g15.

  15. are the vents perfectly aligned or is the metal covering part of them?

  16. I've set mine atop a three ring punch for the past two years and have had no problems

  17. wouldnt this completely block fans though? and what are your idle temps

  18. Would you take trades for a 2080S Waterblock version? aka:

  19. That's the white one, same model as mine.

  20. how do you know if you have an empty ram slot?

  21. Might be a dumb question, but does the ZSR have the same hit box as a normal octane?

  22. swear its different. i play better with zsr

  23. But then why make a post on fakecartridges? because i agreed with you but its misleading posting dispensary product asking if people who smoke fake carts tried them, so i kinda see where

  24. doesnt mean shit lol, fake carts can be strong and still have all sorts of nasty shit in them

  25. name some nasty shit because besides like vitamin e carts i havent heard of any "foreign substance" in these

  26. nice, how much you think someone would pay for a 2080 super nowadays?

  27. It seems pretty well built, but if you want a durable windows laptop I would recommend a thinkpad. Depending on how much GPU power your need there are options out there.

  28. love the white on silver, would definitely take this version over the rgb on grey model

  29. When mushrooms start forming they are called pins, sometimes these do not grow fully and are called aborts.

  30. do they look like small stems? like baby shrooms almost? because mine had no caps

  31. I ride pretty tight truck, does that make a difference or not really

  32. to second the guy above me, loosen your trucks more, but not uncomfortably loose. you want to feel like you have wiggle room to turn though when you lean on either side. whatever works you’ll notice differences but a good tip for form is learn pumping on ramps, will definitely give you a head start in flowing and lines

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