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  1. How much do you want and how can I know it won’t be stolen back ?

  2. Hes trying to help correct your bad smoking etiquette.

  3. Here's how I would smoke it. Take a wad of it and put it on a pin where it can sit up right. Light it on fire like a candle. Put a cup over it and let the cup fill with smoke. Take sips from the upside down cup

  4. Paint the yellow part black and wear some socks or pants

  5. Shit with the right items you can pay $150 for 15kg

  6. FedEx driver placed in at wrong address, took picture, then stole them.

  7. Dunno if its just me or does anyone else find crease protectors super uncomfortable? Idk if im wearing them wrong or something but it feels like my toes are being crushed

  8. You have to sometimes cut and adjust them. Also best to have a .5 size up in shoes.

  9. It was for when you mess them up skating, you could put them back easily without completely destroying them making them unusable

  10. you must be a god or smth because the sarcasm is basically nonexistent

  11. Actually sarcasm can be tone based and these are typed words so I understand

  12. How old? Anything older then iOS 16 or legacy ?

  13. He did submit an offer but his card was declined, when i told him, he said his bank pinged it as fraud and offered again, which went through. Only has 1 feedback. The only thing that makes me feel ok about this is his shipping address is on/near a campus

  14. If you got them at the Nike outlet, you can get a discount with a new Nike account. I think you should keep em though.

  15. As a black man I agree, but irl it would be cool to see.

  16. I always assumed it was to see a specific person you otherwise might not see irl

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