1. I got 400 candy on Wednesday, 135 of it seasonal candy. I have more candy than I can fit. Especially peggable chocolate and 5 packs of fun sized candy.

  2. Pushing the U-boats is easier on your back, don't injure yourself for this company.

  3. I'm 5'2. If I push the uboat, I can't see in front of it. Even with the new "no freight above the handles" rule. Lol

  4. We're an LO store. We have a ft ops, pt ops and a merch (me).

  5. How's that happen? My merch position is the highest paid in store outside of SM. They start the highest because it's the hardest job. And you should be a sm based on the photos you send out and the job you do!

  6. Merch and FT ops make the same at my store. Which is BS because my job is way more work than the ops job.

  7. We got 30 boxes of bleach, within a week we're down to 3 boxes. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  8. We get 40-60 boxes of bleach every week. We run out every week before truck. It practically flies out of the store.

  9. Have you tried putting them on an Extreme Value endcap at the front? They sell better up there.

  10. We never put up the extreme value endcap. I was planning to, had all the merch separated to do it, but my SM nixed it at the last minute.

  11. At my store, all managers have to have open availability. I don't ever close, but if we lose a manager, I'd be filing that spot until we found another. Same for closers on opening shift.

  12. I was told that item voids don't return the item to inventory. So the more you have, the more your inventory is getting messed up.

  13. I had a pallet on frozen so tall it wouldn't clear the dock door. Had to pull a uboat and remove about a foot of boxes. And yeah, I had to use a ladder to break down the pallet.

  14. Candy is my favorite. Mainly because I've been stock8mg it for 6 months now and I have a system. Chemicals is probably mt second favorite.

  15. One you get the extra crap out of candy that doesn't belong it's the easiest department

  16. We had inventory the beginning on June. I did a hard recovery at that time, it was perfect. I recover it twice a week now before I stock. We get candy twice a week in the summer. Chocolate on frozen truck, the rest of regular truck.

  17. My SM told me last week that as of Sept 15, the manager assessment tests will be gone. So just the background check only. I'm all for it. We've lost really good candidates because of that test which has no relevance to the actual job.

  18. Eating birthday cake after someone's blown out the candles. Spit cake. Ew.

  19. Twice in one week last week. Closing manager finds a guy naked from the waist down taking a shit behind the stock room door. Few days later, a woman shits on the food aisle and smears it all over.

  20. "I hope you'll be as happy as this cruel world allows"

  21. I would think that requiring employees to make a certain amount of purchases would basically amount to wage theft. They won't pay more than minimum wage, but require you to spend a certain amount of your wage in the store? Yeah, no. I bet the labor board would be interested in this "rule".

  22. Shinkflation. I stock chemicals every week. There's more items that have shrunk than not, I think. Today it was carpet spray. From 20oz to 12oz.

  23. Not only am I tired of customers acting like it's are fault the prices went up, but what I'm most sick of hearing is " are they going to change the name to the dollar and a quarter tree?" Like does that even make sense? What does the word tree have to do with a quarter? So I said to someone that asked me that very ? . You have dollar general and family dollar and there name never changed, so what does tree have to do with changing the name? Nothing!. She agreed with me after I put it that way. People just don't get the fact that this was a corporate change not an employee change, and they get mad at us for it ha ha. 🤣 I think it's funny for real. Go somewhere else and spend more money, I really don't care at this point.

  24. My standard response is "I have no idea. I'm a cashier, they don't discuss those kinds of things with me."

  25. I'm an older associate with none of your challenges. I just realize I have a smart mouth and no filter when customers start acting the fool. (I once had a customer complain to my SM that I looked at them like they were stupid. While wearing a mask. I did and they were).

  26. I had a girl a couple days ago whose card declined twice on debit, so she ran it on credit. It approved $14, but left a $5 and change balance.

  27. I work at Dollar Tree. I had a lady come though a couple weeks ago and buy 289 packets of seeds (the register keeps count of items). All the while I'm ringing them up, she's talking about how much she loves the seeds and how they germinate really well.

  28. To count your own drawer before and after your shift.

  29. Thank you. I'll feel better talking to the SM about it knowing that.

  30. Safe to drink, but tastes like chemicals. We use a Brita pitcher. Fixes the chemical taste.

  31. When a customer asks for something, I say we don’t have it (because we don’t have it!) and they get all annoyed thinking I’m lying and they go looking for it, only to not find it because guess what, we never had it. Idk why this happens as often as it does

  32. I had a customer yesterday looking for a particular toy. She had 2 in her cart. I told her that if we have them, they'll either be in toys or seasonal. She says, I know you have them, can you show me?

  33. Ours went up this past Monday as well. I worked Tuesday and had a lot of people confusingly counting their items after total, by Thursday they were asking why its higher than it should be and today 1 person blamed "fucking Biden and the Democrats" and a lady told me "let's go Brandon".

  34. When you're choosing where to place your garden, remember that "plant in full sun" means full sun in the Midwest. That's really not the same in southern New Mexico, where opening the front door is like checking if the lasagna is ready.

  35. I learned that this year as a recent transplant to El Paso. Luckily, I decided to give container gardening a shot first. The sun laughed at my shade cloth and I ended up moving the whole lot to the north side of the house. Maybe 5 hours of morning sun, then all shade.

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