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  1. its a double edged sword for me because im so interested in the subject even though i know it's difficult:(, i start in july but i already ordered my textbook. do you think getting a head start on reading and making flash cards/study materials would help me out?

  2. me too! i just wish i took it during fall/spring because the fast pace is killing me. id definitely recommend reading ahead (could also try emailing your professor to see if they'll tell you the assigned chapters early)

  3. Calatheas don't have big bulbs like that though. Did you mean caladium? If so, that bulb looks to be mush. If they're mushy than there's really no chance.

  4. oh yea! i threw away the mushy plant but i still have three that aren't mushy. the one with the mushroom (?) is still okay and actually has healthy looking leaves

  5. Yeah you should be fine. They're easy to over water. Maybe add some aeration to the soil. Perlite etc

  6. thanks sm. also i'm so jealous of your plants, they're beautiful!

  7. i try to limit myself and buy cheap/during sales but i still spend around $100. ive already spent $517.70 this year :/ way too much for medicine i need to literally survive

  8. YES. i was in like 6th grade when i first started questioning my gender so i overcompensated by trying to be exactly like my best friend (who was super feminine) tbh it didn't fool anyone, especially not myself

  9. Yay hi neighbor! Stinky jr. And I r happy to be ur treetown friend <3 Tap link to add me to your Tree Town or add my friend code 3DWQ37HBCX.

  10. hi, my name is gee and my birb's name is sprout! they love bread and water (so imaginative) and hate cherries. their two dominant traits rn are compassion and curiousity. i've only been playing for 11 days but i've already made a lot of progress with my birb and with myself!

  11. aaa i love adventure time! make sure to watch adventure time: distant lands after, its on hbo max! also poki is so cute

  12. awesome!! i need your code to add u back tho :]

  13. so true! as a new player with like 20 hours already in the game, it's really hard to learn everything and even harder bc of all the bugs. facts only in this post

  14. I for one hate large doses, makes me very anxioux and the comeup is torture. I usually stick to MD'ing with shrooms and if I want to trip I'll go to LSD or 2CB

  15. what exactly is your mushroom microdose? i am also autistic and interested because i always feel more in touch with my emotions after smoking weed!

  16. For one, what substance are you gonna use?

  17. i relate SO much. i've had nightmares about growing out my hair since i cut it at 13 (i'm 20 now). i will literally wake up and for a split second be terrified that my hair grew in my sleep. i've been wanting to grow my hair out but every time it gets a few inches longer i get unbearable dysphoria and cut it off (and regret it immediately)!!

  18. absolutely call your doctor asap, these aren't normal side effects. try to call before you take your meds in the morning but don't stop taking it without talking to your dr first

  19. I had three gc2b binders for THREE YEARS before either the stitching fell out or they got stretched out or I ruined it in some way. Quality binders. A1. #1 all day.

  20. same here. i wore my first (and only) gc2b binder every day for three years. it's still in wearable condition but doesn't fit anymore so i bought seven new ones in june. five of them fell apart within months and the other two are barely holding on

  21. you put so much effort into that squeeze that you had to take a deep breath after and STILL didnt put a single dent in it lmaooo

  22. If you're poor I get it but it seems like most of the people on here can afford to pay the prices, I know I can.

  23. some of us can't work full-time bc of our illnesses and we still deserve access to our medication. glad you've never experienced that struggle but don't pretend like it doesn't exist

  24. Ye it's great I was smoking an Oz a week then a mate said to try this vape now I'm only smoking an 8th a week

  25. Are you asking if its safe to combine them? I know that there are tretinoin formulations in india containing both of those, search for "A-Ret HC cream"

  26. no, just asking if it's safe to use them separately. i.e., hydrocortisone in the morning after washing my face

  27. Why not try an oral antihistamine if you’re not sure? May cause some drowsiness & May take a little longer to work BUT you said it’s short term so 🤷🏾‍♀️ it couldn’t hurt

  28. i would if i had it on hand :// i ended up using hydrocortisone anyway and it hasn't caused any irritation! i'm just going to avoid applying it while i have tret on

  29. Sorry if this is off topic but your skin sounds just like mine 😩😩 did you use cream or gel? I cant tell if the cream is breaking me out because I’ve already went through a whole purge with differin so it’s kinda odd

  30. i use cream and im about 5 months on tret. i had the worst purge (recently posted pictures to this sub) but fixing my routine helped! i've never used differin but i think using it and tret at the same time can cause more irritation

  31. Thankyou so much. Recently ordered it for my oily skin (currently on tret) and was a bit hesitant that's why asked you. One more question does it dry out skin or keeps the skin enough hydrated?

  32. Treasure the good ones, walk from most of them. Know which is which. Good men deserve good women. I don't make the rules, I just enforce them.

  33. what the hell goes through straight men's heads to say some shit like this

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