Qatar becomes first Host Country to lose their opening match.

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  1. Fuck you Qatar, good riddance - a Nepali citizen

  2. *proceed to watch the World Cup as if nothing happened

  3. I’ve not been watching a single game fyi bro. You do you though

  4. I was in Texas, and I landed on me knee in a puddle. Initials are WH

  5. I expected him to be at their feet licking their boots tbh

  6. I was always leaning towards it, now that it's here, I cant watch it. Thousands of slaves died for this world cup. It is drenched in blood. I can't bring myself to watch it.

  7. As a Nepali and Liverpool fan, I thank you my friend. We’ll go back to watching once the Premiere league is back!

  8. Maybe don't kill 6000 people and we might like qatar

  9. That number is grossly underreported sadly, could easily be 10x that number. I’m from Nepal and I’ve heard a lot of people in Nepal got back reports of their dead family members where the cause is death is “natural reasons” which then skews the data that they report. Yes died naturally in their sleep at 28. Great, makes total sense

  10. Disgusting really. Feel for their families who lost their only breadwinner

  11. It’s infuriating because they were tempted to go there in the first place by the promise of money to bring their families out of poverty, but then they had to go in debt to afford to go there (even to fly to Qatar in a lot of cases) and now so many of them are dead, so the families not only lost their sons/ fathers but are also in debt so worse off than when they started. Seriously fuck those Qatari shitheads

  12. The stadiums are built on the blood of poor and exploited migrant workers. I hope Qatar get scored like 20 goals in each game and their record is the worst in the history of football by a huge margin. Please get fucked Qatar

  13. The scout one is pretty revisionist, scout definitely outplayed him most of that series. He fucked scout up game 5 but scouts really the only mid that Zeka was not able to outperform

  14. I totally agree, Scout’s Azir was nasty in that series

  15. Nepali here, born and raised in Kathmandu. A friend from school who used to flunk school ended up working as a migrant worker to feed his family (taking a huge amount of debt in the process mind you) to build the Qatari infrastructure. Came back after 4 years and at 30, both his kidneys have failed so he has to get dialysis every three days. But it’s good to hear that Infantino gets its and that it’s not Qatar’s fault. Brilliant. I’ll call my friend and reassure him that FIFA is with him and that Infantino understands what it means to be a migrant worker now, everything will be okay

  16. No no, that’s where Karl lives. Those paintings are by Salvador Dali I believe

  17. I knew you were gonna say that. Did she have any tats?

  18. A long ass fucking time ago in a town called Kickapoo

  19. There lived a humble family, religious through and through

  20. At least they’ll stick some chocolate to your feet

  21. I’m not even goofy, goggle-eyed is fair enough

  22. Because Gen Z knows your party and leaders are driving the planet into the ground bro, and all you care about is lining your pockets whereas they need to still live their whole lives on this one planet we have

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