Got kinda drunk and painted how June feels this afternoon. [OC]

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  1. Here in UK, Audi and BMW drivers have a.... certain reputation.

  2. Love love love this. Can I ask was this based on a real location or was it purely imaginative?

  3. This question is now bugging me. I had a fair few Nokia phones throughout the late 90s and was a bit of a Nokia nerd.

  4. The only one that springs to mind, albeit not Nokia, is the Ericsson R380s, but it's a semi flip phone and it was released at the beginning of the millennium. Other than that I will have to join the "I don't remember it" club. Big screens back then were rare, especially touchscreens. I definitely would have noticed a device like that. I was all over Nokia and Psion back in the day.

  5. Hello I loved this watch face on my former Garmin 245. I now have a 255 but can't find it on Connect IQ. Would it be possible to activate this watch face for Garmin 255 too ?

  6. Candooby! I've been meaning to do this over the last week but work has caught up with me. Will get this done by the weekend! Still waiting to get my 255 here so you'll have to be my guinea pig.

  7. I think most people here will agree that Garmin is Pebble's true legacy.

  8. Heard of trafficking all sorts overseas, but eSims... That's a new one.

  9. It amazes me how they can fit so much technology into such small a space, even in consumer grade products.

  10. Looks very Garmin. Especially the strap. Tempted to say Venu 2, 45mm.

  11. I'm now ,99% sure it's what I mentioned above.

  12. Just wait til you try the S22.... Oh boy....

  13. I have S10 and S21. I switched from IPhone a few years ago. Some things I miss, other things definitely not. It's a hard question to answer and really just down to personal choice. But if Apple finally get rid of the outdated notch then I'll be jumping back on the Apple train next upgrade. For now however I am really enjoying the S21.

  14. As long as you are not in the USA (CDMA) or Japan, it will work. Even if you are it will still most likely work on a GSM network.

  15. This absolutely baffles me. The water ingress protection is meant as an exceptional backup, not a casual recommended feature. What the hell happened to common sense!? I've seen several redditers complain about this after regularly washing their device and I literally face palm every time. If you absolutely have to clean your device with a liquid then use alcohol or contact cleaner, at least this won't cause corrosion should it enter the device, but even this has its downside such as removing the oelophobic coating from the screen.

  16. So your saying the s20 fe 5g does have some curves in the screen ..cause I notice mine humps up in certain spots..especially when hot..may be in my head,I'm not sure if it's more in my head or not

  17. I don't own the S20 FE, so wouldn't be able to say, but humps in certain spots definitely does not sound good. Do you have a fairly flat/undistorted reflection from the screen? (with the screen off)

  18. Yes,I'd say yes to mean when it's black can I see ripples or something like that..right??

  19. Yes. Flat, no ripples/bumps in the reflection.

  20. Gesture, without hints. Gives more screen space. And turn off "hide keyboard" button too. Perfect.

  21. Then how do you get rid of the keyboard? Swiping to the side of the screen?

  22. What!? Those are the options!? Have you never considered a Garmin Forerunner or Fenix? If a successor to the Pebble is what you're looking for then I strongly advise taking a look at the 245 or Fenix 6/7. Same reflective color displays, same basic but easy on the eyes OS, crammed with thousands of apps and customizable watch faces, massive online community and even an SDK for budding enthusiasts (which btw uses Monkey C, a great language to learn if you're starting out and you can even make your own apps and watch faces!)

  23. Oh and did I mention they are super rugged?

  24. Here in the UK in some cities we have "environmental police", which are in fact private firms (like 3GS) given permission from the local authorities to issue fines to anyone they see dropping litter. They dress very similar to police and pretend to be very official and threaten unsuspecting people with legal action if the £150 fine isn't paid. I have nothing against the idea, people that litter are just garbage human beings, but when people pretend to have some kind of authority over others, that just pisses me off.

  25. Yeah, and my drive to and from work is the equivalent of a one way drive all the way across the UK.

  26. You have a 350 mile commute every day? Uh huh. Sure.

  27. I heard an American call the UK Britland once. Took me days to recover from that.

  28. Could it possibly be forming some type of Halbach Array while touching separate beams?

  29. Because this way they can ban it without saying that they're banning it

  30. Dang that's one girthy faucet you got there.

  31. There was me thinking I was safe up here in the Highlands of Scotland. NOPE.

  32. Personally I think the above comments saying to use #FFFFFF will give a horrible, cold light for reading. Go for something warmer like #FFFACC.

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