1. Liked the 2024 1st + 2023 4th option a lot more.

  2. That's my thought. I don't see the Broncos making the AFC Championship Game.

  3. Agreed. Plus I can’t stand the idea of giving draft capital back to Denver. #29 + their 2024 2nd straight up for Payton should have been the trade, and would have been a more fair trade, imo.

  4. We are becoming the Texans in real time. It’s hard to watch, man.

  5. You’re right. The Texans will probably be better than the saints next season.

  6. “Meanwhile, an offensive coaching staff that scored the fewest number of points since 1999 (excluding 2005 Katrina year) will remain completely intact other the TE coach.”

  7. The Saints secondary was literally the only fucking bright spot on the team this year. Alontae Taylor? How good was this kid?

  8. This team has so many holes that we need the BPA at #29 so long as it isn’t a LB, CB, or TE. If that’s BJ then so be it, but I wouldn’t reach on him just bc he’s from LSU.

  9. I don’t think Loomis realizes trading back is an option

  10. Yea it’s a win now mindset to borrow from the future if you think you’re just one piece away from contending. Hopefully this past season was a reality check for him.

  11. Well you win “most delusional draft trade” lmao

  12. Unfortunately I still see a new thread about trading him every day 🤦‍♂️

  13. Now that Sean is with the Broncos you think they’ll give us Justin Simmons and a 3rd for MT?

  14. Tanking is a loser mentality and is the pinnacle of small dick energy. Fuck that shit. The goal should always be 20-0.

  15. Bucs have no cap space, no way in hell they can afford Rodgers.

  16. Levis is going to go top 10… who knows where Richardson goes but I don’t want him in any round, no way Duggan goes undrafted- if he’s still there in the 4th that would be an excellent get.

  17. Is anywhere aware the contract situation with Carr? I thought theirs a chance he gets cut by the raiders.

  18. Yea, he gets a giant pile of guaranteed money 3 days after the super bowl if he’s still on the roster. So they are going to try to trade him before then, and if they can’t trade him they will cut him in about 2 weeks.

  19. Players can't be traded until the start of the league year in mid march

  20. Maybe that’s when trades become official, but teams can definitely come to an agreement and work out the details beforehand. Just google “Raiders trade Derek Carr” - everyone is expecting for several teams to try to work out a trade and for the Raiders to deal him before Feb 15th.

  21. It’s not entirely correct. Coaching contracts don’t “freeze” (player contracts do)- Sean signed a 5 year extension in 2019, so his contract with the Saints would have expired on January 1st, 2025.

  22. Because that way we technically moved up a round in the Draft. We didn't give away a pick, that pick simply moved up an entire round.

  23. What? No… it’s completely dependent on how the Saints and Broncos seasons go. If they both have the same type of season, whether good or bad, then yes you are correct.

  24. Oh man… the endless posts and mock drafts between now and the draft… everyone thinking Mickey is gonna draft a QB… and then he 100% is going to draft a guard or a defensive lineman, lmao

  25. I’m putting the over/under on the number of “we should draft Anthony Richardson at #29” posts between now and the draft at 13.5

  26. I feel the same. The 29th overall pick this year and a 2024 2nd, and we have to give them our 2024 3rd?

  27. Lawrence was considered generational before even graduating high school. I was stationed in Georgia and my buddy was from Cartersville. That kid was all that was talked about in that state. You shoulda seen all the Bulldog fans when he chose Clemson

  28. Idek if a Lawrence is that kinda needle mover. Would need like… a Lebron prospect, but at QB.

  29. Well, you’re looking at it through hindsight. At the time, TLaw was considered the best QB prospect in a long time, even better than Burrow.

  30. He is basically quoting Rap who was on Pats show today saying he’s back on the market. This was retweeted by underhill as well

  31. Yea, that’s why Dov is a hack. He just retweets stuff from Rapoport, Shefter, etc. Never any original content.

  32. Exactly. "Maybe this unproven and inexperienced head coach will be successful with Russ!"

  33. They will learn when they hire some no-name coordinator and win 5 games again next year.

  34. Nobody has any clue what’s really going on with the Denver situation. The owners and FO are being ultra hush about it. Anything you read is just beat writers speculating or something leaked by Payton’s camp.

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