QBs the Philadelphia Eagles have beaten since 2021

An amazing showing.


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  1. Oh my LETA is getting involved on this.. lightning and ethical treatment of assholes

  2. “And we asked him, after 50 years of marriage, why he divorced his wife.. he said well.. she’s a “n****r lover”

  3. I think of that scene in mr. Deeds where the football player is like “daddy nooo” when he was about to beat him

  4. Primetime purple for primetime Kirk.. this ought to be good

  5. I remember them wearing Primetime purple and beating Washington and Pittsburgh. I wonder what their record is in them, I don’t know if there’s a place to see what jerseys were worn and when lol

  6. Vikings has some hellacious defenses coming up with the pats and jets and even the colts have a good defense. And divisional games are always tough. You always rather them lose to an AFC team over any NFC team.

  7. Well then maybe the media, fans, and team shouldn't treat beating the AFC Bills like its the fucking super bowl and keep the important games for seeding in focus?

  8. I think they just got too high off the bills win. Hopefully they’ll come back to earth Thursday night. Losing Darrisaw definitely hurts though

  9. They missed a golden opportunity to play in that! I would have watched it

  10. I think the competitive rebuild ended when they traded for Hock. This is a win now season. The Vikes need to get OBJ. No team in the NFL is having as much fun as the Vikings are this year. Pairing him with JJ, AT, TJ and DC would be unstoppable

  11. They may be having fun.. I’m having heart attacks… those are not the same… but in all honesty.. yesterday was awesome!!

  12. Osborn and thielen has had trouble getting separation this season

  13. I hope with all this back and forth bullshit with Allen, mind games or whatever they’re doing, Vikings play their most complete game and beat the hell out of them

  14. I have a meeting with my therapist about this afternoon.. we meet every Tuesday, talk about the Vikings, how I’m feeling, how the team makes me feel. We talk through it. It’s helping me cope. But it’s a struggle.

  15. Always is as a Vikings fan. Is your therapist a Vikings fan, too?

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