1. My daily driver is a Lamy AL-Star fountain pen, backed up with a matching 0.7mm mechanical pencil, and rollerball. Very versatile.

  2. You can take the horse to the water but you can't make it drink. C'est la vie.

  3. It appears that the voltage supply to your apartment is too low, at least according to the OVR relay. Get an electrician to check the voltage with a proper instrument and if it is low report to Enemalta. Alternatively the OVR is faulty. Enemalta specifications advise that the supply voltage should be 230v +/-10% ie between 207v and 253v.

  4. Qalu li-Raw Bajzo L-Ahhar Bidwi ta'Wied il Ghasel Sammy Bartolo Tema 79 Mary Spiteri

  5. Unfortunately shipping out of Malta is way more expensive than importing. Check with Express.

  6. Just watched it last week for the first time. Slick and awesome.

  7. At home I'm the celiac and my wife the foodie. When I was diagnosed some 13 years ago, she took it upon herself to provide me with wholesome delicious GF food. It was a big challenge for her, which she embraced and enjoys crafting new dishes. I suggest that you don't try to make a straight swap GF version of the normal dish because there is no way that you can replicate it as you 'remember ' it. Try a different take so that the expectation is different and original.

  8. Parabolic mirrors can focus sharper than spherical.

  9. Parabolic mirrors can focus sharper than spherical.

  10. A few eons ago, my father had a friend Joe (his real name) who smoked Royals which cost 45c. Joe used to send us buy him cigarettes from a primitive vending machine nearby. He used to give me a pound coin. The machine only took 1 pound coins and the change was taped to the pack. I used to take my sister along (the accomplice). I put in the coin, with my two hands pulled out two drawers and my sister takes out two packs!! We keep the change of 1 pack and give two packs +1change to Joe.

  11. I really like seeing people going for the under dog here. What makes you choose longines and is it the same opinion if we throw the bb58 in the mix?

  12. Whilst both are excellent watches, I prefer the Longines because it stands on its own. The Tudor might be a bit better but doesn't justify being so much more expensive.

  13. I suggest that you first try to find employment with a good furniture company such as Joinwell or Fino. Then gauge the local market. Start by doing small private jobs / projects and expand gradually. You will eventually need a workshop, tools and machinery. Renting a place can be costly. You need to judge the avenues.

  14. On a similar note, we had a heavy medicine ball that looked like a football. We played with it in the street but since we knew it was heavy we kicked it about 'carefully'. I remember this older girl (but physically small) who out of spite decided to kick our ball away towards the main road. We were shouted at her not to kick the ball but obviously she wouldn't have it. She ran towards the ball, gave it a good solid kick, but the ball hardly moved. She flew into the air fell flat on her face holding her foot in pain. We had to carry her back home.

  15. That type of reaction is bound to happen here because 'we' here are in a unique situation where we are 'all' suffering from celiac. In this community/sub-reddit we do not debate but keep propagating the same yes/no answers to each other. It is just like living in a room and keep hearing repeated echoes. In the real world we celiacs are a minority, a very small minority, so the vast majority are speaking as non-celiacs who do not necessarily understand our situation fully. In fact this happens on many other subreddits too. Maybe you should have posted on

  16. Dobsonian wins hands down assuming both are in good condition.

  17. Maybe not celiac but a gluten intolerance or allergy is quite possible.

  18. Round face, 38-43mm, stainless steel band (no rubber, maybe leather), plain face but with the date, possibly a day-date (side-by-side).

  19. I bought countless Nikons from Coppini / Fotovision.

  20. €2500 per month after deducting income tax and national insurance..

  21. That is 40k p.a. which is on the high side to organise pub crawls.

  22. If a person comes to an interview at my place of work and tells me that he is into horses, I will not employ him. I've had enough of them.

  23. TBH I would leave it as it is. Awesome watch.

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