1. Ummm what?... I'm just curious how your SIX year old is managing to run away. At 6 I was playing with my kid and knew where he was at all times. So unless this is happening while she's using the restroom or showering, make it make sense.

  2. That doesn’t make any sense. Rosin shouldn’t be this high, 100 a gram is ridiculous, you don’t think so?

  3. Of course it's ridiculous. I don't think anyone is arguing that. However, as a consumer and patient you consciously make the choice to purchase. I personally am furious at the prices but I just quit buying the shit. Fuck em. I'll take my money up to Michigan. Which I get is not a viable option for everyone.. Just a talking point. Ohio really does not give a damn about us. Which is why you see people wrapped around the building at Sunnyside while pouring rain with nowhere to sit, no awning to keep you dry. It's absolutely dismal.

  4. Myrcene- 10.70 Limonene- 6.19 Caryophyllene- 6.04 Linalool- 4.40 Humulene- 2.63 Minor traces of pinene and terpineol.

  5. I can taste it from here... and feel the headache.

  6. It's definitely a little harsh.. but definitely no headache and it tastes like blueberry cookies flower... 🤷🏽‍♀️

  7. Also curious of a picture because I purchased the same shake a few weeks ago and was really disappointed (I know, it’s shake so it’s hit or miss in my experience) When I went back to the location the next day, the woman working with me said they never should have sold it to me (based off our convo)

  8. I grabbed a 2.83 of their shake, just to try it. Maybe the worst taste I've ever had. Wouldn't recommend that bag, but could be a different batch. The thc was almost non existent on the 2.83 though.

  9. I got blueberry cookies shake and it tastes like the flower..

  10. Cresco owns Sunnyside so it is always 20% off. At least at the Cincinnati location.

  11. Verilife Cincinnati is the same way. Little to no selection. Tons of Matter and I imagine that's because they can't get rid of it. Mind blowing they're still in operation.

  12. What cultivator? See some by the botanist but have never tried anything by them.

  13. What a chooch. Dairy alternatives cost more money... Of course there is an upcharge. Get off the cross, we need the wood..

  14. The entitlement of military personnel is disgusting. So annoying.

  15. Not sure if y'all still want input on this since it is now 7 months after this was posted but I am absolutely in love with their certified cookies vape cart! It helps with my pain the most! Probably ten times more than any other product I have tried! Fingers crossed my dispensary will keep it in stock!

  16. Yeah.. I didn't renew my medical card. The way Ohio fucks over patients is ridiculous and I REFUSE to be taken advantage of. They need to do much better.

  17. Yes, it is. You can message me directly if you would like. I am a parent of a student at Reading.

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