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  1. All upgrades are per unit, not per combined unit.

  2. That’s quite a nice production, not so much in term of mixing tho you should have a proper look into that… instrument and vocals are working well together so good job 😁

  3. I think some mixing could open this song up some. The sound is pretty nice! Maybe some stereo imaging too. Other than that great work!

  4. Thanks for the fedback. Is stereo imaging the same as panning? I'll be shure to try this out

  5. I can hear a lot of different influences on this track. I quite enjoyed this track and the sudden burst of energy in an otherwise mellow song. The only feedback i got is the transition at around 2:47 could use a little more buildup IMO.

  6. Just released this hyperpunk style track with cute vocals and death metal lyrics, seemed like a fun combo to me. Would mean a lot if ya'll gave it a listen.

  7. Sympathy 4 the grinch 100 gecs

  8. Really like the energy that the song brings right away, and the little bridge where everything calms down is just wonderful! I do feel the entire track could be more saturated, you have a great voice and it's a shame to not have it more forward. One thing that I've found helps with that is cutting high end that is competing with the vocal, in this case I feel that is the synth and High hats. Can't wait for more! You got yourself a new follower

  9. Thanks! I will try cutting the highs competing with the vocals for shure.

  10. the double time drum, crunchy synth section at around 28 seconds and i was hooked. your guitars are sounding nice and blended, but i think they could sound wider! and bass and kick could get turned up too as the low end gets a little lost

  11. Thanks for the feedback, got any tips on making the guitars wider?

  12. This has a lot of potential and u should finish this track. I could see this working as a pop punk anthem or some big 80s arena rock song, either way the chorus needs to be huge on this. The phone mic vocals have something to them as well, maybe think about keeping those.

  13. Love the playful but also gloomy vibe going on here. The only feedback i have i the kick is a little too boomy at times, maybe a little less reverb on it would make the track clearer. The kick pattern at around 0:30 reminds me of the song stupid horse by 100gecs a bit. overall really like this song

  14. Around 0:30 when the beat starts i think this could really use a melody or something to counter the bass line, i think this would bring some life to the track. Love the background ambiance on this tho! Solid track overall!

  15. The first thing that stands out to me is the hi-hats are kinda dull, these could bring more energy to the track in the first 2 minutes. make them a bit more playful. Love how the groove switches up halfway through the song, this keeps the track from getting boring. Overall great track tho!

  16. Nice harmonies and very clean singing on this. This could definitely use some low-end. maybe pitch some vocals down. Also could use a bit more movement near the end, the same harmonies start to get a little stale after a while.

  17. I believe they used izotope nectar to formant shift the vocals. Mentioned little alter boy aswell. Been a while since i saw that stream So can't remember what version of nectar.

  18. This is far better than 90% of the music posted here. keep it up!

  19. Love this track, very unique. really like the ominous atmosphere on this. The vocals could use a little more variation at point, some more harmonies could fix that i think. Also some of the transitions between sections are a little sudden, you could work on adding some subbtle wooshes and stuff.

  20. Smack a bunch of gross green stuff on it and you have yourself a amazing looking chaos knight

  21. For me, it starts with figuring out what you want to be emphasized for the track. Do you need the rumble, thump, body, or knock to be the emphasis of the kick. I EQ what needs to be emphasized

  22. This. Chose what you want to prioritize for the track if you try to have both it will just make them both hit less

  23. Yeah for sure, I’m not entirely sure why but I think maybe it’s because most people don’t care to specifically categorise what they’re listening to so everything is just “rock” or “trap” etc, I think when hyperpop “blew up” a couple years ago & got introduced to alot more people then maybe people started calling anything sorta similar just “hyperpop” instead of further defining whatever sub-genre of trap they’re listening to

  24. I think it's because money machine and sugar crash blew up on TikTok which both are hyperactive trap songs with high-pitched vocals. which led a lot of people to believe that this is the hyper pop sound.

  25. I swear i have been in that subway before, is it based on a real one?

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