Can you help me lift my disabled son?

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  1. For me I think a lot of the issues with mint lie not in mints willingness to connect to my accounts but the institutions willingness to allow mint access to my information. (I’m talking to you Transamerica). Any other platform will experience the same issue.

  2. We had s problem with ours no longer cooling. Thought it was broken. Guy came and said "a lot of times places will charge you an arm and a leg to fix these things." We went inside and showed me where to access the perforated rad and how to clean it, than we went outside got my hose and cleaned the outside unit. Fixed in 15 minutes charged me $10

  3. Raised Presbyterian. Always seemed weird as a kid but I didn’t have a choice and went with the flow. As I grew up and saw the hypocrisy I drifted away before fully disavowing religion. On its surface religion seems good but the deeper folks get the crazier they seem.

  4. Honestly my Walmart has frozen dough balls for .99 sometimes .50 they are great and better than the pillsbury stuff. You should try to track that down for some next level/even cheaper za.

  5. i wish there was a way to know if your figs were subpar or if you just don't like figs. I had fresh figs (like "these came from our orchard this morning" fresh) once and they were amazing!!

  6. I have a small sapling fig tree. I enjoy the fruits and honestly knowing that it grew in my back yard just makes me happy.

  7. I knew someone would ask! For Bonita try Barefoot Beach. Others are covered in this post:

  8. From someone with moderate transferring knowledge. You won't be lifting him like you would a drunk friend or a sack of potatoes. There are much more efficient and biomechanically sound ways to lift/transfer a disabled individual. Your best bet would most likely be to reach out to his specific health care providers (PT, OT, nurses, etc.). In situations like this technique is going to vastly out perform strength.

  9. Look into a hoyer lift. I am a nurse and enjoy exercise. I used to get called to transfer the big patients. The thing is we all have our back/spine as our weakest point. Technique and help from lifts and what not, will win over strength training every time. You just need to tweak your back once then you have an ongoing injury that also compromises your son.

  10. It’s helpful/interesting to see how many replies here are saying that SCO is one line. At my location, they laid out the line markers oddly. There are two “lanes” of SCO registers: 6 on one lane (split into two sides, facing each other), and another lane of 3 in the other (just facing one way, toward the last normal checkout lane). They painted 2 queue lines: One feeds in from the main aisle, and the other is next to it, kind of awkwardly feeding in from the perpendicular aisle (where normal checkout lines back up into). Each line appears to “share” the middle row of registers, so everyone thinks they have the right of way. And, you could perceive each line as being the “primary” one, depending on how your shopping trip ends/what direction you come from. So everyone is always confused, cutting in, and even the employees are random about who they let in, depending on how busy it is. I’ve been barked at by people behind me in situations where I’m waiting for someone else in the other queue line to go, who was clearly waiting before me. Really confusing. Somehow this is never a problem at other places I shop with SCO.

  11. Same here. I’m pretty conversational and ask those around me and it seems that everyone has a different notion (some very strong). I have had a guy put his hand on my back and push me forward bc I was just being patient and queuing up the way everyone else was.

  12. Glad I’m not the only one. But, wow, he pushed you? If that guy does that regularly to random strangers, he is lucky to be alive. 😧

  13. I had to consciously bring myself back. It was out of the blue. Wasn’t a hard push but he put his hands on me and slowly pushed me forward.

  14. That McDonalds consistently has bad service. It’s surprising considering they must have sunk money into the whole conveyor concept.

  15. I’m a huge fan of the 6 mile cypress slough preserve

  16. Not super bubbly despite seeming pretty pressurized. I wound up pulling it out of fridge for another 24. Still pretty tasty. Was concerned I overdid it with cayenne but it could have stood some more.

  17. Same with trans america. In my case they blocked and never regranted access It’s fun to follow them on Facebook and comment about it whenever they have a new post. I’m sure they will blame it on security just like Transamerica, which I like to respond, it’s never been an issue with Vangurd:)

  18. Bunche is right between the two and often overlooked. I like bowditch though.

  19. Bunche is a mud flat more than a beach, and a bit ugh. I recommend Lover’s Key

  20. I get that. Lovers key is just a hike unless you live on the beach. I do like the Northern tip where you park at the bridge just for easy access. If we are talking about just driving somewhere I am a fan of barefoot beach as well.

  21. I know folks love the whatever top bottles (flip) but it seems easier and safer to unscrew when unsure how much pressure there is. May not have changed your outcome anyway. I have been bottling a plastic bottle with each batch so I can gauge how much carbonation there is by feel.

  22. Definitely. I got these bottles because they are the same brand as my starter kit but if I had found this subreddit and read the info here first then I would have just bought some premade kombucha and reused those bottles - that’s what the smaller bottles are.

  23. I juiced a whole pineapple and added 1/4 tsp of cayenne to about 12 oz of pineapple juice.

  24. Oh man, I just puréed about 2 cups pineapple with at least 1/2 tsp. We shall see…

  25. My realtor also bought one of these and it was equally useless. Can't hurt to try, but I don't hold much hope. Good luck.

  26. Sounds like aluminum oxide. Basically aluminum rust. Mostly harmless.

  27. Yeah was gonna say oxidization. Could buff them with some sort of compound. Outdoor stuff takes a beating.

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