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The health”care” system in the US is such a joke. This is in regards to medical debt from 2018. I’ve got $100k+ more in collections and have a chronic, genetic disease that is considered terminal. I qualify for a hearing and I’m requesting one. I hate it here. I had 11 hospitalizations in 2021. Ugh.

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Disgusting. White privilege at its finest.

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  1. That dog got bodied by the other dog. It's good to see you care more about the dogs then the property.

  2. If it was a cheap pellet gun it probably would be enough to wreck it, even if it didn't shatter. Aside from the barrel, those things tend to be made out of pretty cheap plastic.

  3. Because if the strap snaps or dislodges from the end of the truck with a piece attached to it, it can go right through the windshield.

  4. Physics dosent support this rope will send it forward not back

  5. If it snaps, it will go both ways. Both end will have equal starting velocity from the snap, and the rope itself can definitely hit hard enough to hurt you.

  6. The truck should always be taught and less likely to snap. Hell I don't think I've seen a video of it snapping the other way. But I'm sure there's a possibility.

  7. 1992 was the last time we were in a recession so you would expect government spending to increase to combat that. The last time Labor had surplus in the budget was in 90-91. Those liberal surplus budgets were under Howard. How many current minister in the Liberal government have delivered a balanced budget? Considering Morrison was elected in 2007 I can't imagine many...

  8. The surplus under Howard is bullshit anyway we got the surplus by selling our telecommunications, gas and electricity ownership and ownership woukd be better then any surplus

  9. Just like protesting at a abortion clinic. Not a fan of the other way?

  10. I replied on a few comments like this already. I do think it is trashy both ways, but why would you want to go down to their level ?

  11. Because finally people can get one back on the Christians. Why not stoop to there level? They were the ones who choose to first

  12. "Bro, what you kicking for?" I mean, isn't it a fight? 🤣

  13. You know they didn't call it a boxing match. What did homie except?

  14. No idea. But given how low risk children are in general, that they are able to be vaccinated, and vaccination doesn’t appear to have a meaningful effect on reducing transmission after a few months with current variants, is it really worth fucking these people over for no gain?

  15. Fuck me. Use some logic and get out of your echo chambers. The vaccine was so the hospital didn't get fucked.

  16. So they went around to many doctors, all of which did not come to the conclusion that it was vaccine related.... But when they found one after six months who said it might be vaccine related, that's the one they decided was correct?

  17. Shh, your ruining her far-fetched story. Clearly logic wasn't present in the story.

  18. I think is the way of the bottle move, is strange. In addition the bottle move slow compared to the way.

  19. Can I have that in English? But the dude and bottle slow down at same time. it's in slowmo your half baked explation isn't shit

  20. Bro gotta be hella high. Or English is his second language.

  21. Your right he didn't lunge but he is walking up while yelling at him. What is aggression. Qnd don't get me wrong gunman is wrong to. But dosent your stand the ground law mean gunman is legal even tho he's in wrong.

  22. No, gunman went up to them, was not in threat of his life. YOu can't go threaten someone and if they move then shoot them.

  23. My mistake then. As a Australian I'm not sure on your laws but I've seen similar videos and the shooter usally gets off.

  24. Yes, because there's no lines to signifie, what lane ends the car in front has the right away.

  25. UAW would take that bet. They also have some questionable ties that I wouldn't want to fuck with.

  26. I swear they say that about all unions so they're looked down on.

  27. They are both toxic. They're both in the wrong there is no right and wrong here. They're both fucked in the head.

  28. I’m sorry is that something she actually did 💀

  29. You haven't needed surgery and been on year long waiting lists then with no alternative. Private hospitals don't offer many surgeries in my socialist paradise.

  30. Where are you getting your info? Because we all know that's bullshit

  31. Yeah if this is FIVE times later, shit must've been raw the first time.

  32. People entirely not realizing that people in wheelchairs or people who do not have 100% mobility exist and should be allowed to access places without the use of a vehicle.

  33. That's the nice scenario. It's more likely they didn't give a shit and wanted to save money.

  34. I called thugs, Thugs and since it was a p.o.c they banned me. I wasn't even racist just calling out bullshit.

  35. Don't get white privilege and rich privileges confused. This is rich privilege and broke b9y would got jail time.

  36. Nothing- but 2000 pounds is a "US ton" because fuck being consistent lmao.

  37. I should of excepted no less than a dumb answer. Thanks for the comment

  38. But wait, it gets dumber. While 2000 pounds is a US ton, the UK and commonwealth has the long ton which is 2,240 lbs. Also the ton finds its roots in the medieval tun, which was a measure of volume volume equal to about 256 gallons. 256 gallons of water weighs a bit between 1 us ton and 1 long ton

  39. Of course, it does. Thank you for getting that curiosity itch.

  40. If he keeps doing it this way he's likely to get a back injury. It dosent come from a place of hate, but a place that wants to teach.

  41. When did dry humping become dancing ? Surely we still call this shit dry humping.

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