1. ur/ baby eren is genuinely cute af. pretty sure it was the first time (and so far the last time) that i saw a baby in a show/film/manga and went "aww cute" instead of getting irritated or annoyed.

  2. worked hard to not make it look like R but yeah this is my best try

  3. Maybe he’s cursed to slowly digest the entire caloric value of the Colossal Titan

  4. bro's gonna turn into wailord and fucking explode lol

  5. Honestly more movies need to end with the lead character looking at themselves in the mirror holding their giant dicks. I hope that's how Margot Robbie ends up in Barbie, fingers crossed!

  6. raging bull ended with Robert deniro talking to himself in a mirror and pta was apparently inspired by that. maybe he was originally supposed to show his dick

  7. there is this guy called thomas from atoms for piss and he looks and sounds a lot like him too. particularly tkol era thom for some reason

  8. What if it was a prosthetic copy of PTA’s Schlong what would happen then? 26 years of lying to myself everyday for the past 26 years

  9. tbh that makes complete sense. paul always radiated big dick energy

  10. I got to see the movie in a crowded theater last night and the entire audience cheered when we finally saw it, truly an incredible moment.

  11. i was actually curious as to when it started. i knew it was in may as you said it yourself on an older comment but i didn't know the date.

  12. is it because he is genuinely a kind person and one of the few lawful good characters in the show that never betrayed their morals or did anything wrong or is it because he is an eskimo brother to you?

  13. makes sense but do you also love and respect the other lawfully good character in the show being king fritz? or do you not because he doesn't wanna fuck hitch like Marlo?

  14. my favorite part was when alex said "it's briccin' time" and bricced all over the place

  15. breaking bad if Vince Gillian wasn't a hack

  16. Why all of them look Chinese and speak Japanese?!💀

  17. East Asians really all be looking the same 🗿

  18. funny you say that cause they aren't as liked in India (especially Bollywood films as most people here complain about nepotism and the films being repetitive)

  19. the first "what's that" part. captures the sound of the album really well to me idk

  20. fitter happier without a doubt. gets me rock hard and my partner soaking wet. we go absolutely wild on the bed whenever we hear the track.

  21. still intensely pissed at the fact that WIT studio removed this and the levi beating historia sequence. i feel like they only removed it to preserve the survey corps's "good guys" image

  22. You telling me there was nothing between her and onyankopon?

  23. onyankopon has a wife and kids. it would be infidelity

  24. Thank you, I wish we had more options in story because they are all pretty dog shit😭

  25. exactly! the least worst is probably the 50 year old plan but not only is it way too uncertain it also takes away historia's agency and they are essentially burdening their kids/descendants with their problems

  26. Truly one of the most politician statements of all time.

  27. when the anima and mango has political themes and undertones 😱😱

  28. Falco got a chance and used it what a chad

  29. There is only ONE child groomer in anime and that's Misato!

  30. if only she groomed me😞😞 (I'm 18 rn so it's impossible to get groomed by her)

  31. uj/ I mean I get it... Still, Creep was such a good song for the time and it still is. It got a lot of us into Radiohead, so it certainly deserves certain recognition.

  32. uj/ unironically yes! creep was what got me into radiohead to begin with after i listened to the cover version of it played in the trailer of the social network. sure it's ridiculously over-played but it's still a solid track despite being memed to death

  33. she is just like her dad ereh, neither of them can stop committing war crimes 🥰🥰 (although her shooting skills come from her mum sasha ofc)

  34. She actually completed this challenge by the end! (Insane character development)

  35. me when gabi stops being racist and xenophobic (i can no longer relate to her) (she is no longer based and redpilled like me)

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