animation attempt!

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  1. WOW! Your art is so clean but your lines are still really intentional and perfectly communicate what you're after! You've got their hair and Stede's shirt folds just right. And their poses and expressions seem so natural. You've obviously put a lot of hard work into developing your skills, and what a treat it is to see such cool art as a result of that :D

  2. they used to do evening classes for life drawing at Ely collage, but it looks like they have a lot fewer classes these days, a real shame, I'd love an art group in Ely

  3. i think you'll have to make a frame with the multiply layer and a blank frame, then swap between them

  4. I drew this a few weeks ago so i dont remember exactly how long it took, i think i did it over maybe 5 days?

  5. It looks awesome :D May I ask what program you used for the animation?

  6. Awesome work! Do you have any other animated illustrations like this?

  7. thank you! yeah ive done a couple before but definitely wanna keep doing them :)

  8. This looks so good! I love how slow and calm everything feels

  9. Hello there! I noticed you‘ve selected the Art flair!

  10. I bought a switch about 3 weeks ago and have been binging BOTW! I refused to buy it on Wii U but am glad I waited!

  11. nice 💕 go ahead, you dont have to add a watermark just for a wallpaper, it's fine (my user name is actually already on the tree anyway)

  12. Gives me adventure time vibes for some reason. Even though I know it's suppose to look like a Miyazaki thing.

  13. This is gorgeous!!! Where can I find you on social media? >:3

  14. Wow this is really nice!! It has such an adventurous feel, lovely colors too :)

  15. I love the lighting and the colors!!! Good job :)

  16. pffffnsjdkd I don't know caillou bcs im British, but it looks just like him omg 😭😆

  17. Very nicely done effect. Did you use a mask? Can you tell me how you did this?

  18. yh for the light I just used darken layers and erased over the lamp :)

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