1. Just here to say that my eyes went straight to the H-E-B cans. And that this looks great! :)

  2. I adore 9s. Many of my favorite people are 9s. And my SO is a 9 wing. So I agree with you on the 9s for sure.

  3. I feel attacked by your analysis, lol. Kidding, but the cons are all things I’m guilty of doing; other than playing head games. I don’t like games, I’d rather people say what they’re thinking, that’s what I try to do. But here goes my own:

  4. Holy smokes, mine is so accurate it hurts. That’s literally my guilty pleasure subreddit 😂

  5. I’m 6w7, I get along with and looooove 9s. I don’t get along very well with 3s.

  6. Everyone here jumping to bipolar is wildly speculating. It's normal for depression to get better/worse at times. If she were having manic or psychotic episodes that could be an indication of bipolar. But it is very possible to experience ups and downs and still have "just" depression.

  7. It’s also very possible and somewhat common that someone is quickly diagnosed with depression when it’s really only a symptom of something larger. I went through it myself. Depression often ends up being a catchall. This isn’t to say all people with depression are suffering from something larger, but misdiagnoses do have consequences.

  8. So, someone a couple of weeks ago was posing the question between clinical anxiety and the anxiety of being a six, this is kind of how I explained it, as someone who is a six (for sure) with clinical anxiety:

  9. Trueee. Tho first time I got drunk, I was anxious that I wasn't anxious. Go figure

  10. That’s when you gotta out drink the anxiety. But the next day you’ve got the hungover anxiety, and that is a bitch, lol.

  11. I think about this all the time! I saw someone say on a thread here once that 6’s are almost always an Introverted MBTI, and I thought that was so odd.

  12. I think it depends on your environment and the people around you... but either way, I still think it would be interesting to see. I filled out the poll, but I'll go ahead and share my family, too.

  13. Asking people to type you only goes so far. The only person who can accurately type you is yourself by learning more about the enneagram while learning and analyzing yourself.

  14. I was actually talking to my friend about this last night, and I have a theory.

  15. I will agree with this as a 6 AND someone with clinical anxiety.

  16. I do believe 9s should be empowered to share their opinion because they do matter. But, I don’t think it’s unrealistic to think someone may come into your life and and genuinely care to dig deep.

  17. If your gf had to carry you to bed, could you walk on your own? If not, then her sister claiming you went to the restroom and flirted with her doesn’t make sense.

  18. OP, this is just my take, but please don’t leave out that it’s her sister. Your girlfriend sounds reasonable, and supportive based on how you described her. And, yes, it will hurt her to find out that it was her sister. She will be jolted by that fact, BUT, she also knows and witnessed parts of your story. While she may struggle processing it, most of her pain and upset will be directed at A) the fact that her sister, of all people, was who took advantage of you; and B) the fact that the sister never said anything to you, or her, until now. You didn’t do anything wrong, she clearly gets that. Her sister is the one that betrayed her, not you.

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