1. Church doesn't have a monopoly on forever families in heaven.

  2. Tuesdays. And it's me running in barefeet and pajamas racing the bins down the driveway as the garbage truck makes its way to my house. 🤦‍♀️🤣

  3. I took trazadone. Didn't have any ill side effects. Just kept me asleep for five-six hours.

  4. This should be a gameshow. Adult things that are locked. Figure out the lock, get the adult thing. Suitcases, fridge, air fryer, ottoman, hose, etc.

  5. If you have private insurance, you'll most likely qualify for the patience assistant program through Jazz and just have to pay $35/month.

  6. I'm having a good day and hopefully, it lasts through the night. I love going to my English class at college. I just love learning and academically challenging myself.

  7. What was the most interesting thing you learned today? (Doesn't have to be class related)

  8. Walter White identified as a person of color as his ancestors were slaves born from a white father and black mother. He had blonde hair and blue eyes and looked European. He was able to pass as white to investigate civil rights in the South and go undetected as a person of color. He was apart of the Harlem Renassiance and joined the NAACP as a civil rights investigator from 1929-1955.

  9. I grew up in a religious household and absolutely loathe the phrase "be in the world, not of the world."

  10. can someone explain that phrase to me like im 5? idk what im not understanding

  11. You have to live in the world but don't do any worldly things. Worldly things: listen to mainstream music, watch mainstream movies, don't partake or alcohol or drugs, wear modest clothes that cover shoulders, stomach, and legs, read mainstream novels, stuff like that.

  12. Globally, it's President Zelensky's birthday today and he's still alive!

  13. You're taking the steps to get yourself there, and that's what matters. Don't lose hope, because I have faith in you!


  15. I would like a thing. No seriously. Something. A small thing. I just want a thing...

  16. It's illegal to spend federal grant money on religious institutions. They are for the recipient to pay their school bills.

  17. I get all my skincare products through the Ipsy subscription. It's the only way I can afford high end skincare products. Now I'm a skincare/makeup addict.

  18. I used to do ipsy, but I ended with way to many little black mascaras and makeup bags. I wish they had a no bag option. it felt so wasteful

  19. I do GBP, skincare heavy. The bags are bigger now and I use them for all various things like a period bag for my daughter, a bag to hold colored pens, etc.

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