1. I know what it means, and I know it’s not you, but 6 to midnight is the dumbest expression. No boner goes straight up in the air, it should be 6 to 3

  2. I bought a 22 MDX ASpec from a dealer in CO. Had everything I wanted with 4900 miles in it. It was the dealership loaner. They knocked 6grand off. Best car I’ve ever owned so far.

  3. But it was a loaner, they told you this?

  4. People really forgot how lazy he was his last year with us.

  5. Heard an odd noise out of drivers rear when backing a couple days ago. Haven’t heard anything since. 5800 miles so far.

  6. In Denver I changed my mind and decided to buy an Acura. Went into Kia dealership and asked for deposit back. They ripped the check up in front of me. No questions asked. From what I understand, in most states they cannot keep your deposit.

  7. I too think this is a lopsided deal. I ask this out of genuine curiosity and no desire to stir up stuff; didn’t he assault a police officer? Like break a law that is also a law here?

  8. Reports were more like 100 vapes. Didn’t appear it was for personal use.

  9. Peak Kia in Denver sells at MSRP if you wanna fly in and pick it up.

  10. I want one so bad. type s in nouvelle blue 😮‍💨

  11. There’s one on the showroom floor at Courtesy Acura in Denver. Badass

  12. Why wrap a brand new Telluride? Were you not able to get the color you wanted? I’m about to put in my order and I’m curious.

  13. I got the exact color and trim I wanted but I didn't like the contrast of the bright silver re-designed bumbers that are a bit of an eyesore on the '23s. Many have expressed their dislike for the new bumpers and the way they stand out on an otherwise perfect car. So my solution was to have the bumpers wrapped in gloss black and I'm thrilled with the result.

  14. Every dealership does there own thing. My Telluride came with free oil/filter changes and state inspections for life. Also got an extended 20 year/200,000 mile warranty and all work done at the dealership is guaranteed.

  15. “as it should” —aaand burn in hell

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