(OC) this couple on my flight the other day

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  1. You are wanting something closer to a flat footed "asian squat" vs the standard "i can only ass to grass on my tip toes"? Increase achilles mobility and flexibility. Look up the correct way to downward dog (yoga pose). Press your heels into the ground with your bodyweight. Your body should be a triangle with arms in line with head and a perfect plane with your back. Your legs should be straight. Use your body weight to press into heels. Heels will be elevated at first, flat with perfect mobility. The form on this is crucial. I've seen a lot of shit form and it doesn't have the same effect. Good luck with everything. Side note: all this also cures plantar fasciitis.

  2. Thank you, we are just giving him his space

  3. Back when they were really dying in droves while still hogging all the hospital beds for "just a cold", I was heartened to see that some hospitals had begun turning away anti-vaxxers because people were dying of non-covid related issues because anti-vaxxers were taking up so much space.

  4. I think it really says something about the reddit community that this comment has so many upvotes when this person is saying how gleeful he is that people are denied care because they have differing opinions from the poster. This is actually not generally legal in the USA btw as it violates EMTALA which pretty much all hospital ERs are beholden to except for the VA. You are either misinformed or live in a different country.

  5. Yep, pretty much every single month when I was losing. Thanks, menstrual cycle!

  6. Thanks for sharing this, your data is very interesting

  7. Omg every day!! "Omg bitcoins too expensive thoooo!!!"

  8. Just as FYI, Californian olive oil is usually less adulterated and Kirkland costco brand olive oil has been third party tested as high quality and not adulterated

  9. Agreed, long time lurker, but the vibe here has gotten toxic. It's just an anti-antivaxxer circle jerk here.

  10. Some dude just posted about how we need more censorship and gets an award, this guy says vitamin d might help and gets down voted...

  11. Magnesium is the one where if you’re deficient tests can say you have an adequate amount, right? I talked to a pharmacist about it and they cautioned strongly against supplementing because it can cause sever heart issues.

  12. Health care professional here, they are confusing it with potassium, supplemental magnesium is extremely safe when taken orally

  13. Those are some very promising results, congrats - and thanks for sharing! :D

  14. I second this!! Please keep posting to this niche and small but hungry audience!

  15. I hope they don't because keto is bullshit and they're supposed to be evidence based

  16. makes me laugh, someone hasn't done their research

  17. We found it already cut on the ground by catarata del Toro, there were plenty growing nearby

  18. Makes sense. I wasn't necessarily blaming you, it just makes me sad that something as big and beautiful as that which the plant put so much time and energy into got cut off for no reason. Kind of makes it worse that someone cut it and discarded it but that's nature.

  19. I completely agree, found along a maintained path to a waterfall

  20. Probably because regular mac has carbohydrates? So many people here act like the carbs are a necessity, when they were in fact used by brad to prove a point.

  21. Pretty much this. Also I guess I've never really bought Mac and cheese so idk how bad the ingredients are, I've made my own for a while so now I just add steatic acid. As far as carbs, I'm sure I could get away with them more on TCD but I'm a just over 5 foot female and the calories and quantity of food that normal sized men seem to not only get away with, but lose weight on is genuinely astonishing. So i eat about 100-150 g protein a day with lots of added fat, beyond that is a bit much.

  22. What do you eat for all that protein? And as a 5ft female I am also shocked by how much men can eat. It is mind boggling.

  23. Usually eggs, lots of beef, homemade beef jerky, chicken soup flavored whey protein, chocolate cocoa protein, frozen tuna made into poke, shrimp, and I'll dump a can of chicken into this cheese stuff, that's like almost 60 grams right there.

  24. just read this on your blog, Ive spent several hours there today, thank you for all you do!

  25. I actually have a complete set of tiny metal silverware that I ate with almost exclusively in high school when I was obsessed with my weight, it works, I still have them and they are about 15 years old now

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