1. I always get silver, because space grey is not actually the color of the metal, it's just a coating which in the long run, shows scratches and ends up looking ugly. Not to mention that if you ever plan on selling your used mac, the scratched finish lowers the price.

  2. I prefer the silver too. The silver doesn't look dingy after regular use and I like the clean look, especially the contrast between the all black keyboard and silver case. It's like owning a white car with black trim. Looks great without a wash whereas the grey car looks like crap ten minutes after driving it away from the car wash.

  3. Time to go with the same solution that the FDA went with after Roe. Allow people to get PrEP prescriptions and HIV antivirals via remote consults and send the meds and labs in the US mail.

  4. That sounds like a nice idea but even under the best case scenario, everyone working a 32 hour week is going to expect the same level of service from everyone else.

  5. Because your government is what you put into it. Garbage in, garbage out.

  6. Yeah, it's a weird way to insult someone, as if sucking a dick is somehow demeaning.

  7. They are not very intuitive to use because they are mounted to the wheel instead of the steering column. The paddle on either side of the wheel varies depending on the position of the wheel.

  8. Qualified immunity only applies to civil cases (i.e., suing policemen).

  9. It would be great if the civil liability was applied to their shared pension fund like a surety bond.

  10. I think as public servants we are so accustomed to dealing with broken, obtuse processes and the learned helplessness that comes along with that reality that some of us slip into apologizing for it.

  11. It's downright thoughtful, better than my collection of random things because I saw the shiny object.

  12. Church is a red flag to me. Religious people don’t do much in the way of self reflection or logical reasoning and generally have zero empathy.

  13. This 10000 times, spend a week to find out my image wasn't working because of this default shit setting. Who on earth uses raid in a notebook!?

  14. Fix for that is to not rely on the storage driver checkbox and instead inject all drivers from the selection profile for WinPE.

  15. One way to do it is to create an application package with the quiet install switches and create a task sequence step to install it with conditions configured for the model and desired version of the bios. Something like this:

  16. There's a left-wing version of accelerationist,too, except they want things to collapse so capitalism will die. Crazy.

  17. We have had at least one out and proud white nationalist as president and god knows how many currently wearing uniforms and badges.

  18. I didn't say the left-wing version is worse or the same. Plus they're a small number compared to the right-wing crazies.

  19. That seemed like a pretty straightforward question to me. It’s more about what you didn’t say than demonstrating some outward bias against leftists.

  20. AC controls are too low. Move those up a few inches and put the cup holders there.

  21. The Sun made the mistake of stopping through the Taco Bell drive thru.

  22. I absolutely loved it. Farscape SG1 was such a cool thing to do with the unexpected additional two seasons of SG1.

  23. I still don’t know why they didn’t clone him a la Thomas Riker.

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