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  1. If you don’t have your papers in order, the time to do so was yesterday. We are approaching an inflection point with the expression of judicial power where the dominos holding up civil rights may start to fall at an accelerating pace. Roe will be the catalyst. Once that happens, the clock starts on the expiration of every other civil liberty.

  2. Having grown up out west, I could never live somewhere that wasn’t within sight of the mountains. It’s just not right

  3. My brain couldn’t compute the flatness that was before me at the top of Sears/Willis Tower in Chicago. I honestly felt a little queasy because of it.

  4. It’s not an attitude, it’s a valid conclusion based on what he did to my friend. I think it’s fair to judge Carlin based on their actions rather than the ideals that they expressed.

  5. It’s clear to me that your own opinion is inflexible and it’s telling that you are latching on to that element of my post rather than the account itself.

  6. Psychiatrist.exe is not responding, would you like to wait?

  7. “The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed”

  8. Ive been saying it all along, that's all the US wants as payment for Lend-Lease....US Naval Air Station Sevastopol

  9. It would be rad if it was a joint base operated by former Warsaw Pact states under the Ukrainian flag. Just a place for Slavs to be bros and squat together while pointing a giant fucking Tryzub at the Russians.

  10. “Those fucking amateurs, you left your dog, you idiots”. - Steve Zissou

  11. I get the feeling Bill and Hillary have some pretty wild skeletons in their closets.

  12. Right wing billionaires paid enormous sums of money to propagandists over the past three decades to get that feeling into your head.

  13. Yep .. because everyone who don't think she's a victim of racism is racist. Unbeatable logic.

  14. Do you kiss your mother with that mouth before or after she does your laundry?

  15. I have no doubt that the Taiwanese would show in equal measure as to the Ukrainians vis a vis Russia that China is also a house of cards.

  16. Oh honey, that happened back in 2000. It’s been a disaster two decades in the making after they coronated Bush the Deuce.

  17. I’d love to see him on a postage stamp in the lap of a Ukrainian farmer towing a Russian tank against a backdrop of sunflowers and blue skies.

  18. Had a friend work with SBC before and they said that he was a creep.

  19. I hope states like California find a way to make the regressives put their money where their mouth is on state’s rights and relieve us of our obligation to fund their emerging federal theocracy.

  20. Seems like a giant hassle and reminds me of self-checkout at the market. You know, getting free labor out of the customer.

  21. Could you imagine if the Democratic Party held a conference in another country?

  22. It’s basically the same as it has always been in the context of human society. We’re just much more aware of how the proverbial sausage is made because of our global communications network.

  23. These are just regular citizens. Not soldiers on a battle field.

  24. Tell that to the Ukrainian children that are gang raped by Russian soldiers.

  25. So regular Russian citizens who are not soldiers are to blame? Ok. Right-O

  26. How do you define a “regular” citizen of the Russian Federation?

  27. As a musician (amateur) who has been lucky enough to perform in similar venues, this just breaks my heart.

  28. Please! Let my state keep its money and you backward assholes can pay your own bills for a change.

  29. The Russian army must be destroyed. These monsters must face the most excruciating existence that can possibly be given to them. Putin and all his little merry men deserve an eternity in hellfire.

  30. No, France needs to lend Ukraine their guillotine so the Ukrainians can dispatch these men humanely and expediently after being proven guilty in a court of law.

  31. Things like that make the call of the NY Times’ editorial board to concede territory to the Russians all the more disgusting.

  32. Well, I'm sure there will be a functioning liver between whomever they let join the "military".

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