1. It's great: washable, soft, large, lightweight, warm, the pocket is helpful, and the hood makes it cozy. Got me through COVID and cold nights.

  2. They might have daily deals (at 9ET?)? I got an email about it.

  3. I love the Herbivore Blue Tansy mask in the second set and the scarf, so that one is slightly more tempting...

  4. That scarf sheds like crazy, btw. I really like the colors and how soft it is, but whatever I wear and in close proximity will have fuzzies all over it. Personally wouldn't recommend.

  5. Damn, all of these posts are making me scared to receive my box and addons (which is still in ‘preparing to ship’ mode 🙄)

  6. FWIW, my box arrived just fine and I'm loving all the products.

  7. Is there a button that says "show more" (if you're on a desktop) or another page (phone). Sometimes it hides the last choice. What is the 5th item?

  8. I looked for an option to reveal more but didn’t see one. The 5th item is the Herbivore Botanicals Aquarius Clarity Cream which I suppose is nice, but I’m picky with skin care as my face skin is quite sensitive.

  9. They also posted the schedule, and in true AT fashion, did not even follow it. The box art was posted today.

  10. Clarifying cream you say? 😬 Yeah, maybe check that expiration date

  11. Right?!? It's like they have a few things they forgot to list so they just threw them up as a daily deal.

  12. Except I know I saw some of those in the sale already lol. They just slapped them in a new tab.

  13. Want a fan of the citrus body cream either. It was no where near citrus and smelled like a nursing home.

  14. Wtf. Yesterday they said they wouldn’t!

  15. I also noticed the hair tie, but I don't remember if it was in the shop or sale

  16. Definitely wasn’t a false tactic, I got one! Seeing this thread I’m feeling very lucky (though now also somewhat guilty). I also signed on right as customization opened.

  17. I got one a few days in by chance. Was excited since I tried the mini pair with good genes from the previous sale. Now for them to include good genes..... 😁

  18. I canceled in summer and mine has shipped; I think it's a luck of the draw.

  19. You wouldn't receive it in time, jsyk. It takes a month to get the box sometimes, which by then the customization choices are leftovers. If you like the products, I would recommend signing up before Tuesday to have access to everything (add ons, boosts, refills, best choice selections). Otherwise you just get the box. There are promo codes for $10 off or mystery packages floating around too, so make sure to grab one of those.

  20. The Cocofloss is flat. Tight crevices take a moment, but it's doable. I like it week enough.

  21. I got the Tula balms in mine during the annual window

  22. So maybe this is a language nuance, but I imagine they were available, but may have sold out before seasonals opened. There’s times I don’t get on right away and things are sold out, so I just keep checking during the customization period. Some people (self included) add things and realize their cart got expensive and trim back, so just because it’s not there right now doesn’t mean it won’t be.

  23. This cleanser is the one beauty product from FFF I absolutely love. It was the first cleanser I have tried and since then have tried a few others, but I regret just not using this when I do. For example, not a huge fan of the Indie Lee cleanser (or squalene oil for that matter), which was disappointing because of all the reviews. 10/10 recommend. I know some people aren't thrilled with the smell, but I like it. It's very clean.

  24. Just fyi, the shop has some Vera Bradley products that are like notebooks and stationary. I bet that's what it'll be, not a bag or purse.

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