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  1. What about covering up hundreds of thousands of cases of child abuse?

  2. But you admit your church can be and has been wrong?

  3. Have you read the Bible? Exodus 22:18 has been taken, for centuries in Europe and the American colonies, as a direct instruction to execute witches and sorceresses (normally by burning).

  4. I know that religious institutions are not taxed in the US, but I see this guy getting his dumb congregation to pay for a private jet as a tax on their stupidity.

  5. Because God divided his time on Earth between the trinity, So when God was speaking to people and interacting with them that was the Father's time on earth, then when Jesus was here it was the Son's time on earth, and now it's the spirit's time.

  6. You're describing what "is" (according to your interpretation of your ancient text). You're not explaining the reason why.

  7. Well I could think of many examples, but how about…

  8. It would be more convincing to me if he said "Here is a proof to Fermat's Last Theorem" or even better..."To prove you I'm real, I'm eradicating ALL childhood cancer"

  9. I’d question the statistic that pedophilia is “disproportionately high”.

  10. Name me a profession which had had a higher per capita rate of convictions for child abuse / child rape than the Catholic priesthood.

  11. Of course not. Not all the Apostles, of whom they are the successors of, were good either. Some bishops are the successors of Judas Iscariot.

  12. If the individuals have been proven (time and time again), to be deeply flawed human beings, with a disproportionately high incidence of paedophilia), how can you be so sure that their collective interpretation of words written thousands of years ago is pure and inviolable?

  13. So gorgeous. Would you ever consider letting your underarm hair grow? That would be so sexy😍🥰😍

  14. Thank you so much love, I personally prefer smooth xx

  15. I would love to kiss and lick either way🥰😘🥰

  16. I am are a human being right...we are made in his image and the desire to love and be loved is an innate part of who we are.....

  17. The more I read and listen to religious people, the more I am sure that man created God in his own image rather than the other way round.

  18. Who decides when something is "abnormal" and therefore should be "treated", "medicated" or "fixed" and what is just "outside the norm" and therefore should be accepted and embraced as the diversity of the range of humanity?

  19. You know perfectly well that it's behavioral sciences professionals who make those decisions based on research.

  20. "Professionals" that just a few decades ago used to advocate lobotomising people because their behavioural science research arbitrarily classified a human being's behaviour "outside the norms"

  21. Yes absolutely. Can't wait for the summer.

  22. Make sure all punctures have been repaired and she's properly inflated

  23. It would appear that Western entitlement and money is even more powerful than a human being from a poor country having a right to life.

  24. I have to say, it's not just "Western" entitlement. It's not as if this is exclusive to medical tourists from the US, Canada, Europe, etc. There's plenty of this going on in forms of literal slavery disguised as taking in "domestic care" workers into wealthy homes that result in death. Saying it's "Western" entitlement is a little too narrow.

  25. Yes you're absolutely right. It's privilege in general. Who cares if I fuck up my liver several times? There's some poor bastard over there that can supply me with a new one.

  26. As an imported Brit (not from the Indosphere), I think of Indian, Bengali and Pakistani foods as right up there with footy, cricket, rugby and France, as the things that unite us.

  27. France? Would that be affection, tolerance and respect ? 🤪

  28. Queen Elizabeth II was on the throne when these newspapers were published.

  29. You are the most perfect example I have seen!

  30. Effortlessly stunning from top to toe. Speaking of which, please have all of both your lovely feet in future pics.🥰😘

  31. You did a brilliant job and your efforts have created a treasured family heir loom

  32. This is extremely helpful. Thank you for sharing your successes and lessons learned.

  33. Yes!!! A million times, yes! Thank you for staying natural and beating there. Everywhere 😘

  34. I wish more people were willing to be open about this

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