Brexit is costing the UK economy £100 billion a year

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  1. Newsflash!!! You don’t need a straw to drink from a glass…..

  2. These fucking pricks just don’t know when to stop. Get them out, fucking oligarchs

  3. Whenever I see these pictures from years ago I'm always struck by how clean the place looks, how nicely people dressed just to go to the shops and how nice condition that the roads and pavements are in. Don't get me wrong, there were loads of social issues at the time and obviously we are better off in many ways now than we were then. But I can't help but feel we've lost something along the way as well.

  4. The air quality would have been horrendous though, that’s why all the tenements were black with soot and smog.

  5. I think 11 people missed your joke, just offal joke telling maybe 😀

  6. Free all the women from Taliban areas and just let these troglodytes bum each other into oblivion

  7. Sounds to me like the parents had a ww2 rifle in the house and had the boy lie about finding it. Why would a 14 year bother cleaning a rifle or know how to clean it without prior knowledge of rifles etc? Hopefully the girl doesn’t have any permanent issues from the accident

  8. They are there because developers clear off the top soil of the site and sell it. This leaves clay behind and clay doesn’t drain well and can hold water for ages so they build in theses sumps to catch excess surface water and drain it away through pipes. They then buy back topsoil to sprinkle on the new gardens before laying the turf. I’ve been to several new builds that have swampy gardens and a few with floating turf. My own garden was unusable for 80% of the year until I dug it all out, stoned it, put in drainage with silt traps, sand and then astroturfing

  9. So ONE cyclist dick move means every cyclist is a dick!? Wow

  10. Tory arseholes treating the country like it’s their own business, cunts.

  11. I've never seen anything hit the nail on the head like this. That is exactly what they're doing - treating this country more like a business and less like a country. It's no wonder they fail so miserably.

  12. They are all oligarchs, running for PM is just another notch on the bedpost of power. Why are we voting for people that have no real world struggles, never worrying about kid’s school trip money, putting food on the table etc etc!

  13. To be fair, a canal over the Clyde would still move faster than that fucking Kingston Bridge

  14. If you zoom in on second pic, you’ll see a gazelle disguised as a deer

  15. Don't suppose that's near airdrie? Looks a bit like a park in Drumgelloch. Brilliant shots too

  16. The best things they own is influence over the UK politics

  17. I’d have a chat with the lads on the bintruck, they might know a better option

  18. Fucking clumpy noisy bastard boots, bring back the MW2 perks

  19. They go on about how dead space like it is a new game, I played it on xbox360 ffs, Callisto was a poor effort and did not live up to the hype!!

  20. Are they ever going to stop digging up these dead folk???

  21. I'm borderline suicidal, having an unbearably shite time just now, so Best Kebab.

  22. SMS: Text SHOUT to 85258 There’s help out there pal, things are shite now but won’t be in the future. Suicide might look like the answer but it’s a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Go talk to a professional mate

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