1. I was at the show in NYC and it was by far the rowdiest crowd I've ever been in. I can usually do fine in crowds but I had to dip to the back at one point cause it was just too much.

  2. travis shows back then were insane. the line to get into the venue would be a mosh pit

  3. seems odd to be considering rose and valentina are friends. also weili is likely to hold the belt next and rose is 2-0 on her.

  4. herb dean really let thiago santos be a warrior

  5. yea he's still just mostly a boxer. colby, usman, leon all beat him like 9.9/10 times

  6. would be funny if aljo takes and holds his back for three rounds

  7. Your chin is completely shot if you get dropped from shots like this

  8. No, poatan is the first double Glory champ ever

  9. absolute banger. i'm guessing it ends up like sandhagen v. yan

  10. Did Bisping ever have a boring fight?

  11. vs. chael but it wasn't the count's fault

  12. Colby v. Khabib at 155 or catchweight would have been an intruiging fight

  13. a 300+ pounder having visible abs is insane

  14. Even all her amateur fights went to decisions it seems

  15. Yea it'd be pretty crazy to fight a UFC fighter at an amateur tournament but at least it wasn't one who is knocking people tf out

  16. Top 3 fights are bangers. Chidi v Robocop is gonna be crazy

  17. Watching live I thought the stoppage was early but RDA seemed ok with it

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