1. He knew gloves were what kept her power in check. Everyone at the party saw Elsa's response when Anya grabbed her glove.

  2. Idk if this is true but if you know more then one language in the US doesn’t your employer have to pay you more because of it?

  3. No. This is absolutely not true. Some jobs may require you know a second language or state that a specific language is useful (often Spanish) and may choose to bring a bilingual person in at a higher rate, but it's not required to pay more.

  4. If you are just going to visit Japan, that's a LOT different than living there for years. As another user pointed out, we have no idea how hard (or not) your friend tried to fit into the culture. In the language learning online group I'm a part of, some have lived or are currently living in Japan and don't feel unwelcome.

  5. The jump between hard and expert is killing me. My skill maxes around level 19...I can eke by a few 20s....

  6. I hoard but also have a shed full of chicken statues bc I think they’re neat

  7. How do you have slime sin town? Can you put the hutch there? It's colour doesn't fit with my farm.

  8. Set up a pen that uses a body of water as one of the fences. Mr. Duck will roam free. Don't know why, but my duck swims quite literally every day with this set-up.

  9. Ah, that explains why I saw this so often in early game (and was surprised to see here that people often don't see it!)

  10. I wanna see Mammon try this shit with Lucifer. I like living dangerously.

  11. I can't tell you how relieved I was not to see 30 comments saying "Leave it out for birds! :)".

  12. There are still unfortunately a lot of comments suggesting that, but I'm relieved to see that the ones warning against it are up voted and the ones suggesting to do it are down voted for once.

  13. Ohhh...I need to try this flavour. My local shop didn't have Mars/Strawberry when I went. I've had Moon/pomelo, and it reminded me of Fresca. A light, citrusy soda. Loved it.

  14. I've literally been in Hufflepuff every single time I've taken a house quiz 😅

  15. It's not to tell them apart but for the stroke order of 右,左,有,友.

  16. Ah! Thanks for this trick! I particularly hate that left and right have the same two start strokes but in a different order.

  17. And if you mix up the two kanjis, take the beginning of the first stroke, the first point. The one who is the more to the left (horizontal left to right) is for left, the one who is the more to the right (vertical line) is for right.

  18. Fortunately I don't mix them. I'm left handed and the left Kanji has an I in it!😁

  19. I can definitely imagine Levi saying something like “RIP MC lol” but can also imagine the brothers saying things along the lines of “what did you do???” and “good luck with that, it was nice knowing you”

  20. Especially if you did his route last so you saw him as the cool older brother guy. False sense of security....

  21. If you do his route last you can get a hint depending on which endings you get in Shin's route. It's the only reason he wasn't totally out of left field for me, but it still doesn't prepare you for the full level of crazy.

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