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  1. SNY not cutting to commercial when Díaz was coming in in the 9th so they have the epic shot when they replay this certified Mets Classics™ game for the next 20 years

  2. The worst part of watching on MLB tv is that they always still cut away from that 😑

  3. Big fan of "I ❤️ my wife" in the middle of these

  4. Oh no--this just reminds me that the game is on ESPN tonight. Otherwise know as the exit velocity telecast.

  5. Dodgers/Padres is on ESPN tonight, Mets are on SNY at 4pm

  6. Gonna have to borrow this nickname, friend

  7. Please do, I've been trying to make it stick for years

  8. I hope one day he makes this video about the Nats 7 run 9th vs the Mets

  9. Mets booth couldn’t stop talking about his “brown eye” and his “blue eye” tn

  10. I liked when he came out of the game and was all relaxed and smiley in the dugout and Gary said "his blue eye's taking over again"

  11. That last strikeout was so hype. Still can't believe he's a Met.

  12. Does that basically mean a replacement pitcher would theoretically go somewhere around 6-14? I thought it was based on an average player, but that seems bottom 10%.

  13. Replacement level is more like AAAA guy and actually quite a bit below average. An average player would get around 2 WAR

  14. Luis Guillorme is the greatest infielder in the history of baseball and you can't change my mind.

  15. I don't think you can have your mind changed on an objective fact like that

  16. The overpaid and overrated Francisco Lindor has a 130 wRC+

  17. Love those infield hits just because i know they annoy Braves fans

  18. I had a dream last night that MLB did a series of Field of Dreams-style games designed to show off America's natural areas and there was one in the middle of the woods and one on a mountain, both with no crowd. The more I think about it the more I want to see that in real life

  19. And the Dodgers could kick a bunch of people out of their homes and knock them down and play on that

  20. It says in the FAQ that all you had to do was work in CT at all.

  21. I had a similar experience last night, and then the link they sent in my email just kept trying to load. I bet the site is getting hit hard, plus they don't seem to do a great job on these sites. The pandemic EBT site wasn't working for a long while when that came out, plus there are dead links all over the CT government pages.

  22. Yeah, I figured they're just getting inundated with requests right now, I just wanna know if it went through or not. I guess I'll send them an email and see if they respond 🤷‍♂️

  23. Glad he paused because with that weird pronunciation it took me some time to realize who he was talking about.

  24. JD Davis has always been a good hitter when he was given the playing time. It’s too bad that he doesn’t hit lefties well or it would’ve been good to keep him as Vogey’s RH dh counterpart

  25. He's also always hit well against Kershaw. I believe this is his 3rd home run off him

  26. What does Nido have to do to win the catching job outright? I know it was his first game back but McCann was horrendous at the plate and defensively. Mazeika even seems like a better option than McCann if he keeps playing like that.

  27. He’s batting .216….give him the job.

  28. Mets are 9-1 in their last 10. I'll give you all one guess as to who started the loss.

  29. I am happy to admit I may have overreacted to some of these deadline moves.

  30. I've never seen a player with hair sticking out of their helmet as consistently as TdA

  31. He's my beautiful boy and I would die for him

  32. I guess it depends on the cats but he has not hit for the average or power that the other two have

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