1. Tbf, the only actually Triassic dinosaur I see that actually has a lot of requests is Plateosaurus (which also just so happens to be my most-wanted species). Don't really see much demand for any others now that Herrerasaurus and Coelophysis are here.

  2. It won't be the last Smash game. The franchise is too popular and makes too much money for Nintendo to just drop.

  3. I hope everyone stays in the next smash

  4. I'd love for everyone to return, but it's simply too much work. It'd take a lot of negotiations and money to bring back every single 3rd-party, which Nintendo and Sakurai (or whoever directs the next one) might not want to have to deal with.

  5. He kills you just by standing there. Truly the most-dangerous being on the roster.

  6. I think the one I'm the most surprised is Greninja. Among all the Pokemon in Smash, he's easily the most forgettable imo.

  7. Honestly, I'd keep Greninja. He's one of the most-popular Pokémon of all time.

  8. Finally, someone who doesn't call Mario Party 9 bad.

  9. I'm not against byleth being in smash, but I'm super disappointed that put of all the characters they chose from three houses, they chose byleth.

  10. Byleth was chosen simply because they're the main character of Three Houses. Because of that, they're able to represent every single route in the game, whereas choosing one of the House Leaders would only represent one, and may have made fans of the other houses upset that their lord wasn't chosen.

  11. Could've done some sort of Pokemon Trainer/Aegis bs, and made down b switch between each leader of the 3-houses and the character would've been loved. That said, I main Byleth so I'm happy they came out as-is lmao.

  12. Eh, it at least makes sense for Pokémon Trainer and Aegis to swap out. The Trainer literally swaps out the Pokémon with the PokéBalls, and the Aegis can just naturally switch between each other. How would that work with the House Leaders? Warp Magic? That's really the only thing I can think of, but it doesn't feel like it works as well as it would for Trainer and Aegis.

  13. Pretty sure Godzilla was thrown into a black hole and survived.

  14. Bowser's awesome, but even in his largest form, he couldn't beat the King of the Monsters.

  15. Nah, Ninian's in now. It'd be Alear, Shez, or Kris saying this.

  16. Of course they'd do that! They gotta save her for Krismas.

  17. We need her to sing Break Free (Lead the Way) more often to shoot for the stars and make our love that song really shine.

  18. I would be standing here and realizing that you were just like me, trying to make history.

  19. If this was made by any other studio other than Illumination, then my worries would be almost nonexistant. But alas...

  20. Robo-Cop, The Terminator, Captain Kirk, and Darth Vader.

  21. Well gee, that’s a Wario character... so shouldn’t this be on a Wario sub?

  22. Wario games are technically a sub-series of Mario games, so it's still Mario-related.

  23. Nah, I was screaming with hype and laughter because of how absurd it was. Cannot wait to see how this plays out.

  24. Everyone asking for Bandana Waddle Dee as the next Kirby rep, but Whispy Woods is the true next Kirby character we deserve.

  25. A species I feel should have much more requests for this game.

  26. The movie will certainly make one mariollion dollars at the box office.

  27. I still have no clue what awaits us in that fated trailer, and I'm both extremely excited and extremely terrified to find out.

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