1. A friend of mine also said that is useless

  2. Why? I would have thought this would get round a key logger.

  3. Aparently, there are keyloggers so advanced that are capable of log what you copy and paste

  4. The user manual says that it is not recommended to tow a trailer.

  5. Ya I know… but apparently you can still do it!

  6. Yup probably. With a trailer it’s a lot of extra weight, with a top box it’s a lot of wind resistance. I’m sure someone has done the math out there.

  7. Yes. It overheated and crashed my phone. I don’t use it any more.

  8. Like me, you have a round head. You should aim to grow and shape your beard in a way that squares off your jaw and elongates your face shape. Let it grow for 3 months and then go to a barber who will be able to cut it into the correct shape. Good luck!

  9. You shouldn’t feel guilty…but I can see how it’s a mind-fuck for sure. The general definition of relapse is “falling back into a previous state”…I’d say there were not any of the important elements of falling back into a previous state. The element of choice, the element of going into a state of drunkenness with continued choice…. It’s just an unfortunate thing that happened to you :/

  10. Thanks for your supportive words. This is such a great group.

  11. Yeah you’re right. Thank you. I still feel shitty though.

  12. Shalom! I’m Alex Woz, a 24 year old artist who cuts out old pictures of Jews and uses them in art to empower our community to take back command of their narrative! I’m not sure if it’s kosher to link to an Instagram on this sub, but you can find me there by my name!

  13. I love the first one. What is the coin in the last one?

  14. When I was at uni I spent (what felt like) hours cleaning up before my mum visited. When she did arrive, she refused to even come in the house because she thought it would be too dirty!

  15. You can ask them for proof of payment such as a screenshot of the bank statement or transaction. Maybe they made a mistake in the account number.

  16. This is perhaps where I messed up - I didn't have payment terms on my invoice as I felt it might antagonize an already unhappy client that I used to have a good relationship with (which so far has always been good with paying invoices without reminders)

  17. Ok well not necessarily a big deal. It should affect your ability to claim the money back. Maybe let it sit for a month and then follow up.

  18. Thankfully, he was fairly specific in his emails:

  19. Ahh ok. I missed the bit where you said he was in IOM. That can make it more complex. However - an email from finance email address and even a letter for action could work - even if not actually enforceable by the court. Good luck!

  20. A pricing gun so we could play shopkeepers and stick little price labels on everything. Also a full sized photocopier once!

  21. Used computer print-out paper for drawing on

  22. Boxes of it. Rubbish for drawing on because it had green lines printed on it but pulling off the sides was fun.

  23. If you move the posts, you may need brakes with a long pad adjust to get it right. These are cheap on places like Aliexpress and seem fine. I've got some bookmarked for a project I'm working on so will dig the link out.

  24. I can't quite work out the shape of the dropout. But if it's flat you could do the disc.

  25. Thanks. I’ll order something and give it a go! Appreciate your help.

  26. Is there a range of level of observance and belief/faith within Muslim people? Would someone call themselves Muslim even if they didn’t truly believe in Allah?

  27. This is equivalent of question "How do I use netflix without paying for netflix".

  28. Not really, the credits have been renewing for the past 8 years but now suddenly stopped. It was part of the deal when I took out the subscription. There must be others in the same situation.

  29. Hi. You could try Splunk - they have a free version, and if you're a community group you might be apply to apply for their Splunk Community license for Enterprise (10GB of log ingestion per day). I'm also trialling Microsoft Sentinel at the moment which can pull Linux logs in, and looking to pair that with PRTG for performance monitoring. Good luck!

  30. The costs of Sentinel can stack up, you need a Log Analytics Workspace which has quite high data ingestion costs. Just to be aware.

  31. Yes this is true, but you didn’t really mention budget, plus M365 data gets ingested for free which is a bonus (if you use M365). Free Splunk is probably your best bet. It’s really quite good.

  32. better to ask the venue or the one in charge of the sound... "hey I have an unbalanced 3.5 output, can I give you that or do you need a balanced connection?". or do you have to take care of the sound yourself? if so, it's not clear how the PA is wired... is there a mixer? what are those boxes, are those wired to the PA directly or "behind the scenes"? (is it some kind of karaoke or what?) to be safe, bring a DI box, those xlr inputs may be expecting a mic level tho, better to talk to someone who knows at the venue. if you can't, just bring the box and attenuate your master output if you're too loud/clipping.

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