1. I was ready to talk about the saxophonist

  2. Keep in mind Yusef Lateef’s name was William (Bill) Evans before he converted to Islam.

  3. There’s an old Denver bassist who toured with him for a few weeks in the 1970s. He said Bill Evans picked him up (drove to the airport) tripping on LSD, and that the whole tour was like that.

  4. Now you know how all the Wheel of Time fans feel when they destroyed our tv show too.

  5. I get nervous when I hear free improv 🤣😅…. At least where I’m at in the Midwest haha… but I checked out that YouTube video of you guys and I really enjoyed listening. 🙂

  6. So basically Goldberg and all of them just want a View from their side and don't want any opposing "views" to challenge them.

  7. Gotta always have a contrarian who doesn’t believe the sky is blue or the grass is green to be fair to both sides. /s

  8. Well under 40k a year, $1260 in a government subsidized low income apartment, one bedroom (550 square feet).

  9. I miss college. Food whenever I wanted. Didn't have to come up with the menu, shop, cook, or clean up after.

  10. Sobriety is actually really cool and much more normalized as you get older. Also that weed you are smoking now is stunting your emotional growth, giving you more anxiety and depression… it’s making things worse and not better for you.

  11. took me wayyyy too long to realize this about weed. i’m 28 now on day 3, been smoking basically daily since 14. i feel amazing (aside from these night sweats 😪)

  12. Vivid dreams when you quit smoking weed is kinda fun tho

  13. I think working on and learning bass transcriptions is the only way. Theoretical knowledge is great, but to really learn jazz you are learning the tradition of jazz bass. Learn a few Ray Brown solos, Paul Chambers, and similar and you’ll start to figure out how bebop phrasing works.

  14. Ace Gillette’s, just go in and start playing, it’ll be cool.

  15. I knew someone who said “every conspiracy theory has some truth to it.” No they don’t, nothing about being a conspiracy theory makes it have anything to do with being true or factual at all.

  16. The CGI keeps tripping me up because it’s just not good

  17. I also think we need more posts from basketball fans who think this is a Utah Jazz subreddit… always upvote those posts

  18. If you don't like a poster then block them. Block everybody that makes a dumbpost. Curate your own content.

  19. I do that with the endless Spotify playlists

  20. I'm interested so far. Would like to hear what you have to say about how these elements come together.

  21. It could be open Fluxus, improvisatory, or a blue print to write a more through composed piece using at least some of these elements or materials.

  22. There is nothing cool about Bill Maher

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