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  1. Is this all of them? Cause I feel like I've seen a couple that aren't up here

  2. There are more bot names than the listed ones, but those are the bots you face in bot matches you actively searched for, like "I Bot This Account".

  3. Thanks for the clarification friend

  4. You write Spanish but read English? I feel like that's the only question that should be raised here

  5. Am I the only one who gets blinded as well as soon as I walk out?

  6. And here I thought I just needed a better gaming chair to combat these Finns

  7. sml0 says:

    For some reason him wearing those clog like shows through me off and i was right, zenitsu wears sandals not what they're wearing

  8. sml0 says:

    I interpreted as him wanting to tell Yuji that Yuji is the reason Nanami became a Sorcerer again but knowing yuji he would end up blaming himself for his death thus resulting in a curse on death

  9. Nanami's backstory was explained and it had nothing to do with Yuji.

  10. sml0 says:

    I was referring to when he came back to being a sorcerer. He stopped and continued to go on missions after gojos request but he says he doesn't respect him. So in retrospect Gojo probably told Namami about Yuji and his situation and then chose to come back for Yuji only to then stay for a bit after he meets him before their first mission

  11. sml0 says:

    If that Budokai 2 is yours from the get go then it look like you played that the most for sure lol

  12. sml0 says:

    I'm pretty certain it's Skyrim

  13. sml0 says:

    Damn you are right my friend, good ear

  14. sml0 says:

    Love hila but this a good example of just because you can, doesn't mean you should

  15. sml0 says:

    Fucking dope, I will be looking forward to more!

  16. sml0 says:

    Everyone coming at OP for being almost 30 at a bowling alley arcade and not knowing how to punch lmao

  17. sml0 says:

    Everyone coming at OP for being almost 30 at a bowling alley arcade and not knowing how to punch lmao

  18. sml0 says:

    I was literally just thinking about this after reading Chp. 147 again. I was looking up to see if I can find anyone with a similar theory and you've pretty much confirmed my own head cannon hahaha

  19. sml0 says:

    I have that same wood straw chair

  20. sml0 says:

    In my opinion, it's Mitzi clapping her cheeks in excitement for receiving a gift

  21. No XD, I was just scrolling and found this and now I just read the bio, didn't know it was a game. It's pretty cute!

  22. sml0 says:

    Oh my bad, I didn't know you meant it so literally lmao.

  23. Ive never seen a tarantula on my island. What am i doing wrong

  24. sml0 says:

    This is only the 2nd one I've seen on my island, gotta play at night

  25. sml0 says:

    I got it the nooks catalog one day, just check everyday I guess lol

  26. sml0 says:

    Are you still able to access the drop box?

  27. sml0 says:

    I might steal the marketplace flag pole idea then..

  28. sml0 says:

    I run a spellshot graveborn and I sacrificed my gems to buy as much spell damage I could and just unloaded all my spells on this man and the dps ended up being too much for the recovery even in chaos 17

  29. sml0 says:

    I love your movie theater area but you should probably turn the film projector towards the screen ;)

  30. Haha I was hoping no one would notice this, it doesn’t look as good with it turned 😂

  31. sml0 says:

    Yea unfortunately animal crossing sometimes only looks good from one angle lol

  32. sml0 says:

    Is Pauly D a Jujustu Kaisen fan? Otherwise I think OP might not be a fan of jjk lmao

  33. sml0 says:

    Bruh did you just skip all the dialogue and wonder why ED-E was gone for a few days? Lmao

  34. what’s even more disgusting is the fact that canonically she’s a little girl

  35. sml0 says:

    This is cursed looking

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