1. Pros: The provider wants money and you want sex. You both get what you want. I'm really out here to make a connection with these girls. I'm just here to meetup, bust and leave after our sesh. Freedom to fuck good looking girls. Let's be honest here: tinder and everything related to that only caters to dudes with a nice body, face, maybe they got clout or $, etc. Way easier with this hobby.

  2. Best: It was pretty recent. Saw this girl around 40ish from tna (when it was up). Ok-ish body. Nice face. On her post it said she was a throatgoat so i was like "mhmm suree". When i tell you that woman lollipopped the fu*k outta me boy she did! 10/10 hands down

  3. I try to avoid that. Way too sketchy for me. Usually the 9s or 10s on LC are never legit. Its either a catfish, bait & switch, possible rob, etc. I just prefer if they're well reviewed or if I've seen them before

  4. What? I'm literally taking LM cause I've heard it can help with concussions I have a post traumatic headache, I'm taking 500 mg ...

  5. Yeaa i thought about taking it again. I was more hesistant because I've read that there's many negative effects if you stop taking it

  6. To me the migraine the same day I took a tiny dose (too) was the start of a nightmare life for months (which started the next 1-2 days)

  7. From what I've read Lions mane itself has mostly been studied on animals. There's not much on humans. I'm also reading the supposed benefits of taking it but no results from experiments or testimonials from people who tried it. It's mostly used in asia

  8. Well i used to have an ATF until i had to made an excuse not to see her anymore. Simply put: body wise she was an 8 but face wise..well she could be better let's just say that lol. I saw her almost once or twice a week and everything was going good! Until she kept asking me for $ after a day or two we'd met up. Overtime it just got kind of annoying. Imagine an owl chilling by your bedroom door every morning saying "WHO WHO". It'd get kinda annoying right? And I know she needed it but at the same time it's not something i can do for an every day kind of thing. Shortly after i told her my excuse i noticed she stopped posting ads on any website & stopped replying to my texts. Sometimes i reminisce about the experiences. I hope she's doing well

  9. If your looking to move on you can't address her as "my girl". She'd be your girl if she chose to stay with you thru thick and thin. Which isn't the case. Its fair you miss her (i missed mine too) but at the same time it won't bring her back. If anything there isn't a perfect string of words TO bring her back. At the end of the day you'll have to accept that and be ok with possibly seeing her with someone new. Someone who you think wouldn't be her type or whatever. Life is a game. It just matters how you play it

  10. Super easy. Early AM shifts are usually easy af. Your just standing there at a conveyor waiting for a box to scan. They sent us home early alot. I was there for about 9 months. EZ work. However for me I've been at bfi4 for a bit and i like it alot better. It just depends on the person

  11. Literally an hour and ten minutes left and now they offer VTO … hall nah. I’ve stood for this long, I’ll stay another hour thank you very much

  12. So if I ask for bereavement and they ask for proof and I can't show anything, am I termed?

  13. They want people trained in as many paths as possible for Peak. I am a Counter but trained in Pick and Decant as well. I have also worked on Inbound dock, Pod Transfers, Tote running, and Waterspider, although none of those involved a Learning Ambassador. I don't mind doing any of those things as long as they don't put me in Stow, because, you know, fuck Stow.

  14. I felt that on the "fucking stow". I thought stow was so easy going into my day 1. Now it's the last thing i wanna do. Fuck that

  15. The shift will stay there. After you don't show up for the shift, it'll turn red and say you have a UPT deduction.

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