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  1. Loosely based on Henry Lee Lucas and Otis Toole's killing spree, so it already had real world grounding

  2. Until the documentary came out and it explained Henry Lee Lucas couldn’t have killed all the people he was convicted for. Sheriffs just found a guy that would take the fall for fame. So many murderers never found

  3. Those are so incredible. If you ever do more, try to recreate the apartment scene with commissioner Gordon

  4. I think someone is chasing critters in their sleep 🤣

  5. Saw this in the Museum of Death in New Orleans. Guy got broken up with and called his ex. When she picked up, he said hold on, and shot himself. Notice the phone on the side of the tub.

  6. I'm 2.5 hrs from New Orleans. Do you recommend the museum enough to deem the drive worth it?

  7. I think it’s a good addition in a day trip. It’s really cool and you can get lost in so much, but I don’t think you can spend more than 30-45 mins without getting a sensory overload. So going just for the museum would be a haul. However they do have one of Jack Kevorkian’s assisted Suicide machines, extremely interesting to see in person IMO

  8. There's a certain level of respect people show by offing themselves in a bath. You can see that he was probably a decent guy who wanted to minimize the cleanup, and this shows some compassion for others. Which makes his decent into suicidal depression more sad.

  9. Called his gf after she broke up with him so she could hear him kill himself. And someone will still have to clean that horrific mess. I don’t think any respect is deserved. Just sadness

  10. Gimme Free Willy where the killer whale lives up to its name enacting vengeance, or Cool Runnings where we John Wick everyone that sabataged or doubted us.

  11. TCM (2022) makes Halloween Kills look like The Godfather.

  12. As someone that works with dogs, this is a tragic story that could’ve been avoided if people realized how dangerous any animal can be around a baby or toddler. Puppies have extremely sharp teeth that can puncture like a knife. If the kid had something on her face like food I could see how this happened. I hope the parents get their children taken away and the dogs find a good home with responsible owners

  13. “Certainly unfortunate” What an asshole, that’s unacceptable and disgusting. I hope that 911 operator loses their job

  14. If they can pay travel costs, they got money for heavier taxes

  15. Buy your apartment for $2,500. Fuck I wish that was everywhere

  16. It’s wild to me that both parties want outsourcing. It sucks it’s too late to form a new party for the people. With voting rights being taken away and Democrats doing so poorly I’m afraid the GOP will gain back power. Then they destroy the planet for good with man made climate change or weapons of mass destruction.

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