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[OC] I made this D&D tool for playing your games online. It's on Steam Early Access and it is Free to download and try out. Only the GM needs a full copy to host. Also, to celebrate 1 year on Steam we are doing a Giveaway [Mod Approved] in the comments! Check the end of the video to see the loot!

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  1. Oh damn, this is the site I'm working at this summer. Really cool to see it on this sub 💥

  2. That sounds awesome! Please give us some updates if you can!

  3. Can do! I also post updates as often as I can on my Instagram @icelandarchaeologist

  4. Judging by your comments, you've got to change your attitude alot first.

  5. Seriously. OP is stuck in the "woe is me" victim mindset. They don't actually want helpful suggestions, they just want to shoot everything down and complain about how they've tried everything and nothing works, even though you can tell from the comments that they haven't tried most of the suggestions for more than a few weeks before giving up. Truth is, OP probably needs professional therapy, meds and some tough self love to get out of their rut. And no one can force you to do those things except yourself.

  6. I had to put a reminder in my calendar and set up 2 phone alarms for something I was super excited about last week

  7. I'm AA but I feel you. Lately it feels like people are moving away from patience in relationships and would rather diagnose their partner as toxic and move on. The truth is, almost everyone has trauma and sometimes maybe the best thing to do is work on it with your partner while they also work on themselves. Instead I feel like too many people are taking a disposable approach to dating because "there's always more fish in the sea". Of course, I'm not advocating for staying with someone who refuses to seek therapy or work on their problems, but I also don't think we should throw away relationships because they get difficult or we don't agree on every tiny thing. As someone looking for a serious, long term, monogamous relationship, I just wanted to emphasize with your post.

  8. they took me off adderall for a few years and i just got it back 10 days ago. My literal first thought about two hours into my meds was "holy shit... the inner monologue is gone.... i forgot...." and i happy-cried for a minute in relief.

  9. You mean other people don't have a constant stream of thoughts that refuse to shut up? I thought everyone had that 🙁

  10. Man- my inner monolog mostly ridicules me. Then there's the constant stream of thoughts and ideas that distract me. Then ADHD meds(stimulant one are the only ones that work for me) just help me ignore it and get my inner monolog to not ridicule me all the time.

  11. Before starting therapy mine was also constantly criticizing me or imaging worst-case scenarios for literally everything. It's gotten a bit better with CBT but damn, sometimes I wish I could just hit an off switch for having thoughts.

  12. I love the me-time aspect. It’s the one thing where everything about it is all on me. No one can help me, no one can stop me. It’s just me and the bar. Either I move it or I don’t.

  13. Ridges need to be replaced every 10-15 years. The main part of the roof can last anywhere from 20-40 years, depending on the quality of materials.

  14. my DA ex (with some narcissistic traits) after three months dating said 'sell your apartment and come living with me'. of course he didn't mean it. after another month he started treating me like shit and another two months in he went in full deactivation mode.

  15. Do you know if samgöngustofa requires an appointment for inspection? Thx

  16. No you just show up at most inspection centers unless you live in a small town with limited opening hours

  17. Always wanted to make an Indiana Jones inspired fighter that uses a whip

  18. O-town for Owensboro Hendo for Henderson

  19. I also recommend and getting dry suit certified before you arrive. Iceland is expensive enough without adding unnecessary costs.

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