1. I think a lot of people have been thinking that for like 30 years.. Maybe the democrats will start hovering over the green button before the next fed.election if they have any brains.

  2. They'd have to do it before January. Once the GOP take the House nothing will happen on this.

  3. I have done extensive programming years ago using APL (K predecessor) and Forth, and I can't imagine ever wanting to use them again.

  4. What about APL dismayed you? Was it mostly the cryptic symbols, lack of maintainability, readability vs writability problems, or something else?

  5. I'm a bit of a special case. I taught myself APL in high school in the early '70s. It was my first language, and I loved it all. The cryptic nature of it bothered me not a whit, and I delighted in the compact powerful code I could write that nobody would ever understand but me...for a while.

  6. For most of my life I only had one strain. It was called "Whatever you can get", and it was great. Now there are a zillion strains, and we all complain about them.

  7. I always thought that "Sack O' Woe" would make a great band name.

  8. Yup. Exactly. Has nothing to do with new smokers lol. This is the old, I am a big corporation in a new industry and I'm not going to let entrepreneurship ruin my profits, so I'll pay politicians to make laws that benefit my business. Happens all the time in a lot of industries. Weed is still newly legal in NJ. Prices will drop when more places open up and sell at a lower price. That's just how it and everything works.

  9. Yes, I understand supply and demand. But none of this addresses my actual question.

  10. I want it supported by an organization with the resources to stay on top of security updates. Beyond that I don't much care.

  11. Perl was a neat hack in its day, but has long since been replaced by better languages. I'd look into Python instead.

  12. When your emperor has no clothes, you have to silence that little boy or you'll all look like idiots.

  13. I used to work down the hall from Brian back in the day. You could learn so much there. For example, Brian taught me how to use the espresso machine in the Unix Lab. Watching that man make coffee was like a Zen tea ceremony.

  14. Certainly a classic. I would also highly recommend Kernighan & Pike's "The Unix Programming Environment". Best *nix book ever.

  15. Eastop T008K is a good harp for around $25. A little bright for my taste, and I prefer full covers. The Kongsheng Mars, around $33, is a great harp regardless of price.

  16. And check out the pinned posts there, with vape info and recommended vape list.

  17. In my experience, the only people who use the word "coding" don't know what it means.

  18. Unless the clock shows military time, it won't be right any time during the day, since it won't show you AM or PM.

  19. Not sweet, strong flavor. Use but a drop at first, see how you like it.

  20. All the mice these days are crap. The best was the old DePraz mouse from back in the day. Came on the Bell Labs Blit terminal and later AT&T 5620 DMD.

  21. It's ridiculous to think that any food "should" be eaten only one time per year.

  22. Even more fun in a convertible with the top down. Except folks look at you like you're crazy.

  23. You might consider Ocaml as well. It's solid, fully functional, blazingly fast. A tie breaker between the two might be library support for the things you want to explore.

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