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  1. Disagree honestly. She used to be a mod here, she commented for years, she was on podcasts, she was a contestant, and she only distanced herself once it was inconvenient. Her participation in the past is much more than a lot of other people who have spoke up and I don’t think it’s a valid request

  2. Yes in the past, but for the past 3 years she has intentionally NOT done any of those things.

  3. Are we sure that's his foot?? I can't tell if that's an ankle or an elbow.

  4. I’m disturbed by how you think it could be an elbow lol

  5. You don't need to play unlocked 100% of the time, you can do just fine if you play closer to 50/50. Learn to unlock when you need to and yes, you'll be a MUCH better player

  6. Wouldn’t it be harder to do 50/50 because you have to adjust to the screen moving and where to click?

  7. I mean ig it varies person to person. I play around 50/50 and it works great for me. There's no need to to unlock while I'm clearing my camps (Of course I still check lanes, I just mean when I'm not looking at lanes there's no reason not to lock) or if I'm an engage tank in a teamfight, just as some examples. But while laning I like to see more, and when I'm coming to gank I move my camera to the lane so I can see what's happening, but once I get there I lock

  8. This explanation is helpful, thank you! I guess I do that some but mainly by just dragging the screen on the minimap? I can do that without unlocking and it just snaps me back when I let go. I think the gank option would be helpful though.

  9. Daphne is wearing a starfish necklace. Mia had starfish earrings when she sang and played piano. And the pin that Valentina gave Isabella was a starfish. Is this intentional symbolism?

  10. This is a really interesting callout. The first thing I thought was that starfish reproduce asexually…I wonder if there’s some sort of symbolism there since the season is focused on gender dynamics and sex??

  11. It’s so much more than just styling for me - the actress actually ACTED more attractive too. She stopped the constant grimace she’s been doing all season, smiled, and looked gorgeous.

  12. Yea I thought the acting was perfect for this change. And honestly I get it, like in my everyday life I want a partner who is smart and sensitive, funny but can discuss serious topics and is family oriented. The guy you randomly fuck on vacation just needs to be hot, good in bed and have a spark.

  13. Thank youuuuuu, everyone is demonizing Portia like she needs to make the smart decision for her Italian fling. It’s okay to make the “wrong” decision and go after the hot vapid boy now and then. Being desired is fun.

  14. yup, the way he forced himself between her legs had me nervous haha, i was like god please don’t let this be a rape scene. i really thought she was gonna push him off after that.

  15. This is hilarious because I saw the leg move and was like okay boy get it!! Lesbians often talk about “the knee thing” and it can feel really good as foreplay or even as sex…so I took this as showing that he knows how to pleasure and turn on a woman.

  16. you give up CS but not the exp, it's two different things.

  17. U just stand in the xp range. In options you can turn on, to see when You get xp. That will let you know if you are getting xp from minions or not. Alternative I think the xp range is pretty similar to some semi long range skill shot. Like a bit shorter than Lux e, and probably same range as ahri q. Not sure if that is right, since I am just guessing here. But I remember some one comparing to a oriana spell, but i have never played her, so I am not sure which one. Once the wave is pushed to your tower, you can start getting gold. Without having to trade. Maybe if you are lucky the jungle will gank early and giving you the lead from there.

  18. My heart just broke for Albie a little

  19. 🥴 ew worst take. He’s a textbook “nice guy”

  20. If you’re gonna say this you’re gonna have to justify the take. Explain yourself

  21. The way he kept glancing up at Portia gave me the heebie jeebies, and then him going up and confronting her when she clearly didn’t want to leave. He’s a man who’s unwilling to read the context and take an L. I’m in no way defending Portia, I’m not a fan of her either, but a lot of women are taught to be submissive and protect men’s emotions. It’s clear to me that’s what the show is commenting on. She SHOULD be straightforward with him but society has taught her that she shouldn’t be.

  22. I assume the legal proceedings are just NDA things involving the show. I bet SK wasn’t supposed to be dating in the time between filming and airing.

  23. No way, remember Bartise dating 3 days after?

  24. This song is sooooo hot and soooooooo gay

  25. Did you all see what she changed into after ? 🤣

  26. Hahaha you can tell she’s so much more comfortable in this

  27. This was sounds advice and it makes sense to me, Thank you.

  28. I’ve started muting chat and pings at the first sign of a user being toxic and it’s really helped my mental

  29. Emma is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns

  30. It's such a big contrast to young Rhaenyra. I think she sounds old, much older than her character looks. It adds credibility to her character I think

  31. Emma is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns

  32. The elevator button she pushed was the LAVENDER ONE…

  33. “Picture me thick as thieves with your ex wife. And she looks so pretty.”

  34. Just hearing Taylor say “she look so pretty” made my heart happy lol

  35. Okay but hetlors think “New York screams your name” lyric is “about Joe”….but she lost the one she danced with in New York

  36. Take your antivirals. Be gentle with yourself. My failed disclosures have saved me in the long run. They’ve turned away people who ended up being bad for me. Someone who loves you will not care. I promise.

  37. It seems like they recently put new mulch down and it was making it dusty EVERYWHERE. I don’t remember that being an issue in the past.

  38. Another vote for Sage Blossom if you’re a southie! I am now doing the monthly membership because their therapists actually seem to know what they’re doing (compared to the fancy spas that charge twice as much for a very mediocre massage… looking at you, Milk & Honey, Miraval, etc.)

  39. I got a massage at Milk & Honey recently and it was absolutely awful for twice the normal price. So pathetic.

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