Playing in a swamp

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  1. This kind of swamp is called "muskeg" in Canada. Not that it would be impossible for there to be a stone in there I'd say it's not likely. That moss can be very deep. In the winter when these swamps freeze over there are sometimes ice roads across them for logging trucks. My dad used to drive across these roads, and he worked with a guy who lost a

  2. Nothing hmmm about this. If you really study it, it makes perfect sense

  3. I've got a fine nib. I would prefer to have it in sailor's MF nib but I have another pro gear in that size.

  4. Yeah, I really wanted the medium fine. Do you know if they're interchangable?

  5. They are if you get another pro gear, sure. The slims are a little smaller sized for the smaller feed.

  6. I manifested a girl texting took about 4 months, but I forgot about it and then it came to me

  7. Good for you. I'm planning on hitting the sweet spot to maximize attraction on all fronts.

  8. Id let him marry my daughter, good man right there

  9. Even if he was twice the age of your adult daughter?

  10. At least they went out doing what they liked.

  11. What is the mainstream meaning of pedophile nowadays, anyway?

  12. Got accepted in late February/early March!

  13. Noice! Congrats. I'm planning on applying as well. Any pointers?

  14. Just made sure my references were solid, that I had lots of life experience to use to help justify my mature student status, and I spent lots of time on my answers and making sure they were well-written and full of lessons that I’d learned, etc

  15. Imagine being this cringe. Such a sad life devoid of any meaning and fulfilment.

  16. Thinks he IS a dad too, just to add something on to your misspelling

  17. I do it fasted with the use of about 5 grams of psilocybin mushrooms and a long walk

  18. Notice that about many trainers in behind the scenes and stuff. They make the star out to be some natural or whatever.

  19. It's called playing the game

  20. Yo Agatha Christie's Poirot is a masterpiece of a show, and David Suchet was born to play the role.

  21. Right! Like if I wasn’t 95% sure the only reason there was an estate sale was because the resident died, I’d probably call the cops or something. At least warn the people next door that their neighbor is gonna try to wear their skin as a suit or something one of these days…

  22. Neighbor is a lamp shade by now

  23. Lesson to you kids out there. Always be sure you're wearing designer name brand underwear.

  24. It used to be make sure you wear clean undies, then undies with no holes, then no parachute undies.

  25. They are considered “schedule C animals” and can be captured or killed by anyone, anywhere in BC. So yes, you are doing them and the environment a favor if you house one.

  26. So they can be harvested for their meat?

  27. Get some shades and make your way to the seawall, there's some semi secluded benches right before third beach.

  28. I’ve never seen a cat puke and now I can’t unsee that 😂

  29. If the piggy went to market, it's not running anymore. It's been cut up and being sold off by the pound.

  30. TIL dinosaurs only been around for 6000 years

  31. Bet he could do it a lot better if it wasn't for that whopping he just caught

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