1. That inning's gonna loom large later on

  2. should probably mention Gary has a family emergency

  3. That was such a pointless fucking penalty to take

  4. Obviously late to this game but is it on PIX? I’m on the PIX watch live website but it’s just showing the news and SNY isn’t playing the game.

  5. “It’s working, they’re down 2-0” love it.

  6. Just picture the SNY truck director going, “CUT TO THE RAT”

  7. The nationals really want to lose this game, why can’t we take them up on it

  8. Why can’t we test Quinn with literally anyone other than Nido?

  9. Swung at 2 balls that AB after back to back walks. Painful.

  10. A McCann strike out would have tied the game

  11. Those Keith facial expressions were stellar

  12. Not only are they good at scoring with 2 outs, it seems like they ONLY score with 2 out.

  13. Seems like SNY needs to get their shit together this season, huh

  14. I've thought this ump has been really good actually but that was fully a strike

  15. I don't know about you guys but they came back to the home run I thought it was a MLB app ad.

  16. Same, I thought it was the start of an SNY montage.

  17. Weird combo of being extremely tired but rapid heart rate watching this so late.

  18. did anyone hear an alarm or something? please say that wasn’t in my house

  19. These racist rednecks are still doing this stupid chant

  20. Nido is an expert at hitting double play balls. Absolutely clinical precision.

  21. It's a joy watching a professional at the top of their craft

  22. Belt you're good, you totally can cover that line so just continue with this positioning plan.

  23. Am I hallucinating or did they not get rid of the runner on second rule?

  24. I dont have faith in our BP i would keep Megill in for one more inning.

  25. Agreed, I'd have a short leash but definitely would have him try to get through the 6th and only leave 3 BP innings.

  26. How am I supposed to read it? Can't get past fart.


  28. I’ve seen some rumors they have a person of interest, anyone have a link to confirm?

  29. I saw rumors that they have a picture of a person of interest but definitely don't think they have anyone in custody.

  30. How is this like a week away and they don't have any details on who will be there?

  31. Wow is that really how it went down? Glad the kayaker is OK but that’s crazy.

  32. Volunteer fire departments absolutely do not bill for fire/rescue calls like this, he's completely wrong and seems to have some vendetta against fire departments based on his other comments.

  33. Has anyone else gotten an error on the SNY streaming site that says 'Your travel rights have expired for this device"? I'm in NY and am signed in with my cable provider.

  34. Yeah and it’s cool to see the states they are registered in

  35. Less? Now whoever gets DRS has it through two zones. There will be MORE cat and mouse.

  36. To clarify, if you're eligible for DRS at the detection zone, you get it for the following two DRS zones (even if you overtake in the first of the two, for example), right?

  37. What’s the difference. Watch market changes all the time. For most models today’s price is not tomorrow’s price.

  38. Exactly! Always interesting to see what today's price is.

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