Saturation divers live at the bottom of the ocean for 28 days at a time in complete and utter darkness. They work in an incredibly hostile and alien environment and are rarely recognized for their courage.

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  1. I don't think they bred since it's pretty hard to breed kuhli loaches. They reach maturtiy in about 12 to 18 months but it often takes 2 years for them to fully grow. These are way too big for a 4 months old fry. When they're ready to breed they shoot up and down the water for a day or so. Then they wiggle around eachother and release the eggs. All the eggs that don't land in a plant will get eaten.

  2. Appreciate it. Knew it was a silly question. So I take it that its normal for some to grow very slowly…or barely at all? There’s one huge guy down in the depths, but these all look the same as 4 months ago. They seem happy and healthy though.

  3. You’re my favourite subscriber ❤️

  4. Nah. I’m in China and I buy online lad. Markets are mostly full of shite and the best stuff is kept online.

  5. Fair enough, this is there current setup. Excuse the floating plant as they seemed to have knocked that loose overnight ^^

  6. From one shitty aquarium to another

  7. In what way? Please let me know, Id like to improve their conditions in whatever way I can.

  8. Apologies. That was rude. It looks good in terms of what they need; just personally, I’d make it more visually appealing…but you did just rescue them so maybe it’s in its infancy? I’d have a ton of plants growing out the top and sucking up the nitrates. A pothos would be cool growing out the top.

  9. Watched the video..beautiful watch.. congrats😎

  10. You say not recognized for their courage, are they not paid well?

  11. It’s already gone crazy - I’ll post an update now!

  12. Thanks! I certainly hope so as the fish seem much happier for it. By that I mean they are far less skittish. It’s surely what the side of a body of water would resemble in the wild.

  13. Please wear your Rolex correctly lmao, so many ppl on here buy Rolex datejusts and wear it wrong lol. You don’t wear it on your wrist bone that protrudes out lol, it goes between your wrist bone and the base of your forearm.

  14. No they don’t ‘wear them wrong’; they wear them exactly how they like, at a price they like too. Leave the superciliousness out. It’s rep watches.

  15. What's the material on the back that the plants are attached to? Whole piece looks great!

  16. Some kind of styrofoam? It’s the fake 3D rock walls you can find online

  17. Yes I’ve seen them do it in the wild as they move up shallow streams

  18. That's a gorgeous-looking tank and you nailed it with the fern wall. Do you plan to add any more fish with the BNs?

  19. Just bristlenose and Pygmy corydoras. My two favourite fish; just wanted them to have the best home! There’s some shrimp and some guppies in there from a tank I rescued.

  20. I posted a long reply above with all details!

  21. Shout out to YOU for appreciating that the shoes I show don’t HAVE to come from the IG MM. Love to see it, rather than the abuse I get for promoting those guys.

  22. I’ll keep an eye out for these as a person who lives in China. Honestly I’ve been planning on adding a new AM to my collection and maybe this one looks better in person.

  23. Woman’s only - I just grabbed a pair for Mrs. Snide. Think they’re still sitting on the app.

  24. e2g3 says:

    Could you visit TDs based in 广州? would be awesome if you could make a youtube video (once the lockdown is over) about the general and replica watch markets in guangzhou 😁

  25. Why pay premium price from TD when you can just walk to the market and save hundreds of dollar.

  26. I knew this comment would pop up! Went with these middlemen because I don’t know what I’m looking at - wouldn’t know if it’s the factory claimed etc. I’m diving in from now…once I know what I’m on about I’ll step into those markets. Not keen on being a walking target 😂

  27. Good luck all - I just bought my very first rep watch from these guys, should be here in a couple days.

  28. Everything looks absolutely wonderful, definitely greenlight quickly and get it as soon as possible. I'll be waiting for pics when you get it.

  29. Thanks man! I’ll get it tomorrow or the next day in that case!

  30. Just received my QC pics from Leo at Mirotime. I’ve never RL a pair of kicks in my life as I think it’s daft - things aren’t detectable. This is new territory for me though being my first ever cheeky watch so… here’s a look at it! Looks beautiful + works well = good enough for me, but figured I’d post here all the same just in case, as I figure if I accept something that’s majorly off, it only harms the next customer.

  31. No problem, hopefully you get your soon. And dont forget to share a pic when you do.

  32. I did a QC post over on the other channel - I realize now mine is a bit different from yours - got the lines instead of Roman numerals but is that an option on the real McCoys? Can you tell it’s my first watch 😂

  33. No problem, I am glad to help. I have skinny wrists too, but I think it looks good. As far as band fitting, I have those small screwdrivers so it was not a problem for me, so if you have the tools its easy, otherwise take it to a watch spot.

  34. Thanks for the reply man! Currently facing some delays with mirotime, hope it works out.

  35. Great use of the hard scape, I like how it gives more depth.

  36. Sorry bro, if you check the post, I mentioned those two guys Reptilian and Snide... These guys claimed to have had the hookup. They led everyone to believe they were going to hook us up with the W2C, then CHANGED THEIR MINDS and basically said they "couldn't release that information", that's why I said I had to cop these from the community.

  37. I shared in my discord server rather than super publicly on IG. Sorry you think I’m a douchebag. I was chatting with Ari the same week I posted the video. Felt greasy.

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