1. I think they named a drink after this but that did not look slow or comfortable. 😆

  2. That's a fantastic album. I will never ignore it. Just proves you listen to good music. I've seen them 4 times in concert

  3. No sweat dude. I did it too the first time. Welcome to reddit.

  4. I've had bad luck on pc. But Playstation still has some active players. Probably not what you wana hear but it's the truth

  5. I have feeling that ps4 pro and Xbox One X support for new games will disappear by the 2024. Devs will not want to dedicate resources to niche consoles when they still have develop for base ps4 ps5 Xbox one Xbox Series S and series X, pc and switch

  6. This is compelling. I guess I'll look into it sooner than later. It's my understanding that a gen 3 install would be $700.

  7. If you are needing oem replacement because you live in restricted emissions areas like California, it may be a good idea. My cat was stolen but I got it replaced for 200 bucks. Not oem cat though.

  8. I got 58mph one time when my car was just 3yo. Now I'm lucky to be 42mph. Still my best purchase ever.

  9. You accelerate normally to 40-43mph, let all the way off the gas, then just barely depress the accelerator to keep it in the range of 35-40mph. If the car gets too slow, accelerate to 43mph And start over. If you do this right, you’ll be using only the battery to maintain speed.

  10. It still runs at 30fps on a ps5. Only pc offers an upgraded version of the game.

  11. I just want meaningful quests and very limited fetch quests/fillers. Andromeda had some good and some bad. But I still thought it was worth it and return to it often.

  12. The Spirit Kunai looks good, but the rest not so much. Only 1, maybe 2 legendaries likes Mists of Yagata smoke bomb if you need the extra healing. Assassin does 2 things really well, stealth attacks and poison so you should focus on those.

  13. This is the best advice if you ask me. Maximum SAD will automatically make your ultimate more powerful. 105% Sad is roughly 20-25% more power added to ult. Use healing vanish for heals is you need health. Also add health increase to your assassin charm. GL

  14. Was this gold or plat? Stealth builds are op in gold but definitely don't hold up in plat unless you're a god lol

  15. The stealth attack build is one of the strongest assassin builds in game my friend. 20% of the stat goes towards yours ultimate by default. That is especially useful in platinum.

  16. I went with Chuck Norris because I didn't want to set expectations that high.

  17. There are multiple services that will replace your battery for less than that. Prices seem to be in the 1-2k range. You can also replace individual cells yourself (maybe 30 dollars) if you have some basic hand tools and can follow instructions. There are lots of tutorials online. Both video and written.

  18. I prefer buying the cells and doing the replacement myself. Saved about 4k dollars this way.

  19. How did you balance the charges across the cells? Did you put them in parallel first? If so, can you explain your technique?

  20. All of my good cells were holding a stable voltage of about 7.8v-8v. I charged up the replacement cell to 7.9v before I replaced the single faulty cell. Reassemble and install. I used a solar charger to raise the voltage of my replacement. I am a solar energy nerd so I already had the tech available.

  21. Just stick with the manual bro. 5w-30 is what mine says. 06 prius with over 200k

  22. 0-20wt is Toyota Prius spec. Using 10-30wt is heavier weight oil which slows down the oil burning but not in my case. I was still burning 1qt for 1000 miles. Now it's 1/2 qt for 3000 miles.

  23. Interesting. I always thought the recommendation was for serious reasons. Glad you found a solution. The first picture looks like a positraction burnout and I thought you somehow changed to rear wheel drive. 😆

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