1. I agree.... I tried to get a raise and was flat out denied by CM

  2. Sounds like you need more of a backbone. No offense.

  3. Thanks everyone. My manager was being all weird saying they’re unsure if there’s a PT key holder raise so I just wanted some confirmation.

  4. I’m in the Midwest…. I’ve been at 5 stores in total. 3/5 have it and know what it is. The other two didn’t know it existed. So weird.

  5. I didn’t know he was chill like that 😳

  6. Customer service and sales specialist is the upgrade from sales associate if that’s what you’re trying to do. I heard sales associate is capped at $16/hr for PT

  7. wait, am i getting finessed as a FT making $15.65 😂 they just bumped up everyone’s for cost of living, so technically $16.65.

  8. No but you can put one where the nut is instead

  9. Help up front. I hate when managers hide in the office when people up front are swamped.

  10. I have a 2021 Gibson SG and you can easily nail the AC/DC sound with the stock pickups. Why waste the money

  11. Death has no good low pip AOE unless you’re lucky enough to get deer knight.


  13. Just climb through the gap or go under it

  14. You know the employee sale is like next week right….

  15. Clean it up 🚫 take pic for Reddit ✅

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